Curata is used for content management. The software comes in two different versions. One is CCS (Content Curation Software) and the other one is CMP (Content Marketing Platform). It helps users to increase revenue by managing content in a better way. The most valuable aspect of the software is that it collects the relevant data from social media and then filters it according to the users. It also filters duplicate data. With this platform, users can publish content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs and newsletters.

The platform also manages content production and through another feature Curata Editorial users can plan and execute content on different channels and timelines. The software enables users to publish content automatically with an additional feature of customization.

Benefits: This solution easily manages content with just a few clicks. Moreover, it can publish the content anytime and from any location. It works great with the automation applications, content management systems and social media channels.

USP: Curata collects information from online data and redefines it through various filters. It also automatically publishes the content.

Limitations: It is a bit expensive in comparison to its competitors.

Pricing: It is available online for free trail and for Curata pricing details, there is a contact option on their website.

Support: Support is provided through an email or phone.


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