Delivra is a cloud-based platform that offers professional marketing services through a single platform. It caters to small to midsize businesses and manages their automated email marketing campaigns. The marketing solution helps users connect with their audiences to produce tangible results. Delivra comes with powerful CRM integrations, a strategic automated campaign designer and a landing page builder. Strategic campaign consulting, strategic content creation and email design are some of the main attractions of this marketing solution.

This CRM focused tool utilizes data to build targeted segments to make tailored content for user’s messages which are directed at targeted audiences based on demographics. It also creates triggered responses based on the responses of prospective customers. Features such as a drag-and-drop editor and pre-set email templates further add to the customization of the content which is polished by the in-house designers and sent across the audience. Delivra generates emails that are optimized for mobile screens and also possess social media capabilities. A team of marketing consultants provides their expertise to the businesses that require guidance and support.

Pricing: Delivra provides a pricing system where you only pay according to your needs. The standard pricing plan costs $75 per month and you can also request them for a demo.

USP: Delivra delivers weekly insights directly to a user’s inbox so they can track progress and high-performing content.

Support: Support is provided via email, phone, or by submitting a support ticket directly on their website.

Product Advantages: Strategic automated campaign designer and the drag and drop editor.

Product Limitations: The interface of this product is not as Mac-friendly as it should be.


Delivra reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews



Badgerland Irrigation and Lighting Service

2-10 employees

April 2019

Amazing Customer Service

This company's customer service is outstanding. They really helped us learn how to do each step, in order that the next time we could do it on our own. With the support of the CS reps, the software itself is easy to understand and very informative to tell us where to place content and what links to include.

At times the system gets very slow.


Imagine Products Inc

2-10 employees

March 2019


It is a lifesaver. This is one of the best tools that I have in my collection. It is professional and easy to use and helps me reach my customers and potential customers that way. The customer support has been great. Whenever I contact them, they always work with me and help me resolve my issues.

The reporting is quite complicated, probably because it has a lot of options and can be very overwhelming for me.


Blue Ridge Community Church

11-50 employees

December 2018

Email marketing

It is amazing. To their drip campaigns, I was hooked, and it was great to have it all professionally set out. It really helps to improve your understanding of how to turn leads and how to help you walk through your subscribers. Good tools to monitor your emails ' stats and help you better what you're doing. They have great templates and help to keep things personal.

It looks like a very well thought software. They really thought about it all and planned it in a very user-friendly and fun way!



2-10 employees

October 2018

Easy to use

I only checked Delivra because I had a small email list to move to a different platform to save on costs. Nevertheless, I really liked the GUI, (although the system is not very up-to-date), and I found it extremely user-friendly. Would consider switching back and giving it another chance.

If you are looking for something that is modern and will help you with your start-up, then I’d recommend you looking for some other product.


Axonator Inc.

11-50 employees

October 2018

Best tool for email marketing

My overall experience with Delivra has been extremely great since I've been working in the industry for the past 8 years and I love it. The automation of email marketing campaigns is very simple and easy to use. Anyone can easily use it.

As a Digital Marketing Director, I have absolutely no problems with Delivra so far.

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