DivvyHQ is a cloud-hosted content planning software designed for content teams in media companies and large agencies to help them produce massive amounts of content. With the functionalities such as brand management, conversation tracking, audience targeting, and editorial calendar, DivvyHQ helps users eliminate dependency on other communication tools while enhancing efficiency of the content. Built to assist the marketers, the software has a known capability of automating production workflows and streamlining the content planning. This content marketing tool features real-time dashboard and content calendars to help users monitor the performance of their teams.

The platform also enables businesses to optimize and align their content with features including production workflow, content planning and content strategy. Not only DivvyHQ enables users to create effective content, but also provides them with a collaboration platform to share information and resources among team members.

Pricing: The pricing plan for DivvyHQ starts at $29/month. Free trial is also offered.

USP: The software allows integration with various third-party applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Drive, Dropbox and Wordpress.

Support: Support is extended through phone and email.

Product Advantages: The platform offers users customizable workflows, enabling users to tailor them to fit their business needs.

Product Limitations: Setting up team members outside the company can be sometimes tricky.


DivvyHQ reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews



The Climate Reality Project

11-50 employees

August 2019

Best tool

Divvy makes it super easy to set up processes for your content with complex approvals, so you can move things as efficiently as possible through the pipeline. For our editorial calendar, it was a game-changer!

The features, content dashboard and calendar depend on all users which have to be attentive to misc. status management and it can become complicated to bother with.



201-500 employees

August 2019

DivvyHQ Review

It is a great tool. It helps us organize all our data in one place, also all the digital deadlines.

It would be good to filter the calendar so that I can remove our deadlines for the email campaign from our blog posts in a different view. I would also like to see a detailed interface for coordinating and managing social media campaigns (caption/image/ etc. processing areas and scheduling options for posting).


Texas A&M Health Science Center

5,001-10,000 employees

August 2019


It gets the work done. We mainly use it for projects when we have to collaborate with teams, like from writing to photography to production to media outreach. I like the program's shareability and versatility for different tasks. I also like that I am able to look back on past activities.

It has a few features that are not intuitive at all, like the sorting calendar feature.



1,001-5,000 employees

August 2019

team scheduler

It keeps everyone on board and when we're sharing on a wide range of sites, they can see.

I don't like the fact that it won’t open the calendar by default. I also don't like that multiple posts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) can't be created with one tap. This means that I am spending too much time, replicating (and refining) comments.



1,001-5,000 employees

August 2019

Gets the job done

Numerous stakeholders/contributors are required to input in many projects, and Divvy makes it relatively simple. It is a lot clear and holding cohesion is simpler. Creating and assigning tasks is easy, fostering teamwork. Easy to check project status and keep you up-to-date on actions.

A few pages sometimes take time in loading. Notifications that we get are a pain sometimes, either we get a lot of notifications or none, there’s no in-between.

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