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DrCloudEHR Software is built for healthcare organizations, human services institutions, and delivery systems of all sizes. The software is certified for meaningful use by Stage-2 and holds compliance to 508. It is able to show the necessary information as required for different uses such as management of beds, notes, electronic prescriptions, billings & AR, scheduling, intake, assessments, care plans, EMAR, outcomes, and much more.

DrCloudEHR Software Tutorial shows that it possesses the Golden Thread, which has tools for assistance with reminders, notifications, or alerts, as well as other standard tools that can help with forms for users, the working pace, and the reports, etc. Additionally, it also is made with the Consumer Portal which permits and promotes two-way communication and conveyance system. This includes the reviews of charts, appointment requests, pre-arranged documents, signs on release or consents, and loading payments from credit/debit cards.

The built-in Telehealth feature showed in the DrCloudEHR Software Demo demonstrates how it helps with the projection of arms-length features and video conferencing. One of the unique qualities it possesses is the offline option that continues functions of data and system management even when there is no internet or stable Wi-Fi connection available.

DrCloudEHR Software also provides its clients with the customized application of the software and training or learning courses which can help acclimate them with the shift to a software and electronic billing system. This helps users with learning about the transference from paper to print, and preserve the electronic data on the trustworthy cloud, etc, making the customers or clients feel much more confident in the software as help is always provided in how to work it.

The safety encryption and security system for the data, management of the system, and other operations for DrCloudEHR Software is provided by the Azure Platform Hosting Services by Microsoft Windows. It is also available as an Android or ios app. The paper to a cloud-based electronic record is one of the best qualities of this EMR solution. It is in compliance with HIPAA guidelines and is also approved by HI7, ICD-10, Infoguard, and ICSA Labs.

DrCloudEHR Software Pricing: Pricing is not openly shared by the vendor. You can request a quote by clicking on the ‘get pricing’ button.

DrCloudEHR Software Support: It offers online and business hours support.

DrCloudEHR Software Pros: The software is easy to use and improves practice efficiency.

DrCloudEHR Software Cons: The system sometimes lags a bit.

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