eClinicalWorks EMR Software

eClinicalworks EMR Software is an award-winning vendor offering integrated EHR, Practice Management, Population Health, and Revenue Cycle Management solutions and services to over 130,000 physicians across the US and 850,000+ medical professionals worldwide. In addition, the vendor offers on-premise and web-based solutions to ambulatory practices, urgent care facilities, ACOs, hospitals, and more than 50 specialties.   

The company has an accessible data conversion/transfer policy to transition from legacy EHR to eClinicalWorks EHR software. In addition, for 1-9 physician practices, the vendor provides initial implementation services and on-site training at no extra cost.   

eClinical  software offers revenue cycle management services priced at 2.9% of monthly collected revenue with no start-up costs. This is a significantly lower rate than most leading medical billing vendors, who charge between 5 to 12% of collections. That said, eClinicalWorks medical billing service has been accused of nickel diming customers through many hidden costs.    

The latest software update, eClinicalWorks V11, promises enhanced patient safety. Physicians gain access to Eva, a virtual assistant that helps clinicians recall patient histories. In addition, they can compare current and past progress notes and include credit card payment with a card on file and interoperability to aid in care coordination. eClinicalWorks EMR for MAC and PC can be accessed using a web browser, smartphone, or iPad.   

eClinicalWorks EMR is also one of the first EHR vendors to develop and deploy an opioid abuse tool. It will help providers estimate patient risk and suggest alternative medications. The company hopes to assist providers in better adhering to treatment protocols, thus increasing the safety in prescribing controlled substances and preventing and detecting opioid abuse and misuse.    

Unlike many of its competitors, eClinicalWorks EMR has its own HIPAA compliant telehealth software Healow. As a result, patients can view their patient files. In addition, they communicate with their physicians in a timely and secure fashion. The telemedicine software is available to its electronic medical record clients and is a standalone practice product.    

Key Offerings of eClinicalWorks

The feature section of eClinicalWorks covers all clinical aspects. From following a patient's journey to retaining patients, it has a solution for all needs of the physicians. It’s not feasible to touch on all its functionalities, so we’ve covered the essential ones.  

Telehealth: Telehealth is the golden feature of this top-rated EMR solution. It proved to be a valuable component for practitioners during the Covid-19 outbreak. When physical appointments were not possible, this marvelous functionality helped deliver high-quality care.  

e Clinical EMR even offers this service via mobiles. Patients can set appointments to get remote treatment through virtual interaction. The Healow virtual room of the vendor makes it workable to deliver ongoing care treatment to patients dealing with chronic conditions.  

Quick Patient Charting: This is the essential functionality offered by eClinicalWorks EMR. Now there’s no need to waste time in creating patient charts manually. This system comes with an extensive library of pre-built yet customizable charts. These charts cater to a range of medical conditions.  

You can also draft precise patient charts instantly with the support team of eClinicalWorks. It will help you create accurate charts containing all the crucial medical components. The reviews of eClinicalWorks show how much users laud this functionality. 

Revenue Cycle: Running a medical practice is about treating patients but managing after-care aspects. With the eClinicalWorks RCM solution, managing bills and claims is no big deal. The software efficiently handles the billing cycle by integrating with the EHR solution.  

In addition to ensuring that all payments are cleared, this market-leading software creates financial reports too. This service enables physicians to evaluate their financial health. Also, it assists them in coming up with potential strategies to improve clinical revenue.  

Patient Portal: Another feature that eClinicalWorks offers to maximize clinical productivity is a dynamic patient portal. It’s like an all-in-one service that gives patients visibility into their treatment procedure. Also, it allows them to schedule appointments by themselves.  

It enables effective communication. Also, patients can use it to pay bills, request prescription refills, and view their lab results. This excellent patient-engaging service alone compensates for the steep price tag of the software. 

Integration: The finest strategy eClinicalWorks implements to boost your clinical performance is creating a centralized workplace. It efficiently integrates all the tools and services included in its EHR, practice management, and billing module. 

This interaction helps keep physicians and their staff on the same page. Allows them to track patients’ progress, due bills, etc. Saves time by removing the need for switching tabs for gathering crucial information. Combining all these features streamline clinical workflow.  

Price: To see how much does eClinicalWorks costs, you can see its provided packages. eClinicalWorks pricing starts at $449 per month per user. It is also available at $599/month with additional features.  

Free Trial: No, the software doesn’t offer a free trial. In addition, you can schedule an eClinicalWorks demo as well.   

CEHRT: 2015   

Support: Support can be reached via live customer support representatives available round the clock.   

Awards: eClinicalWorks has won 2 "Best in KLAS" awards over the years, and more than 19 of the software's customers have achieved the prestigious HIMSS Davies Award for excellence in implementing Electronic Health Records.   

eClinicalWorks pros:   

  • With nine data centers strategically situated on the eClinicalWorks EMR Grid cloud, eClinicalWorks ensures the fastest possible access to user information, along with more excellent uptime, scalability, and consistent high-speed access.   
  • Healow, and the eClinicalWorks patient engagement app, are integrated with popular wearables and other fitness apps. This means that the data can be seamlessly transferred from these devices to a patient's health record within Healow.    
  • eClinicalWorks practice management module comes with an inbuilt e-fax server with no additional cost.    
  • ecw eClinicalWorks offers easy and free conversion packages to clients looking to switch from other electronic medical record vendors.   

eClinicalWorks Cons:

  • In 2017, eClinicalWorks EMR was involved in a False claim act lawsuit, for which it had to settle with the DOJ. As a result, the company must now conduct a regular independent software quality review for the next five years and submit the review and its recommendations to the government. 

eClinicalWorks EMR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Can eClinicalWorks telemedicine solution be used with any EHR system?

Yes, eClinicalWorks healow telemedicine solution works perfectly alongside any EHR system.

Does eClinicalWorks support e-Prescribing? If yes, is there an additional cost to it?

Yes, eClinicalWorks supports e-Prescribing, and there is no additional cost. The cost is included in the per provider monthly fee.

For which type of data does eClinicalWorks offer data conversion?

eClinicalWorks offers data conversion for demographic data, metadata, and clinical data.

Is eClinicalWorks certified?

Yes, eClinicalWorks is 2015 CEHRT.

Is eClinicalWorks specialty-specific?

Yes. eClinicalWorks EHR includes features and templates customized for more than 50 specialties.

Is eCW compatible with MAC?

eClinicalWorks 11 and 11e are now compatible with Mac

Is there a minimum amount of training required by eClinicalWorks?

Yes, to fully benefit from the training, it is important to complete the minimum amount of training required.

-          Provider: 12 - 16 hours

-          Billers: 12 hours

-          Front office: 8 hours

What are some popular eClinicalWorks EMR features?

  1. - EMR
  2. - PM
  3. - Telehealth Software- Standalone & integrated with eClinicalWorks EMR
  4. - Patient Portal
  5. - Rune on Windows, Chrome, and on MAC
  6. - Health & Wellness Tracking
  7. - Population Health 
  8. - Revenue Cycle Management 

eClinicalWorks EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

110 Reviews


eCW is amazing

June 2021


Denton Dermatology

It is easy to learn and customize. Every practice will find it tailor made to their requirements. There are no issues with the program capabilities and this healthcare software makes our office faster, better and more productive.

No one really cares about the users

May 2021

Dr Rotenberg

Houston specialty clinic

No one really cares about the users. Every update is pushed out without adequate testing. Increasingly it seems like a Rube Goldberg machine.For instance, characters commonly used and on common USA keyboards are arbitrarily poison to the system.
Luckily you pay a lot for the basic and for each ad on which seem to be included in more current systems.

Great service round the clock

April 2021


Community Care Resources

The staff is wonderful and they are ready to help us no matter what. It is a reliable software which keeps our records organized and holds us accountable for any errors.

Works well

April 2021


Glacier Medical Associates

We are happy with the user-friendliness of this product. It gets the job done and patient charting is no longer a difficulty.
Requires a lot of clicks in some modules.

Useful for our office

April 2021


Harrod Medical Practice

The transcribing feature is perfect and we have had no trouble accessing our patient records electronically. They introduce updates that make the system even better.
They could improve their customer service and make it more helpful and quick.

Customer service

April 2021


Dow Medical Clinic

The transcribing feature is the only good thing about it.
We have been scammed! The process for lodging complaints is so bad and then we have to wait for them to call back at their convenience. I would not recommend it to anyone.

It gets the work done

March 2021


Director Business Operations

ECW can get most of what you need to be done. I work basically on the detailing side and staff support. The capacity to drag reports is great with their EBO framework. We get nearly everything we require and the support and billing benefit is also great.
Anytime you are planning to work, something isn't planning to work which is exceptionally baffling. In case you're doing CPC practice you will be baffled as their reporting dashboard took until the center of 2018 to begin working and after that we upgraded and presently we are holding up for the dashboard to get fixed.

It seems like an unsafe EMR

March 2021


Ultra wellness care

There is nothing that attracts me to use eClinical. I don't like this software
This program is composed of ancient codes, it requires way as well numerous clicks to get things done. You are not able to multi task with this EHR and it powers you into little boxes which do not allow you sufficient genuine domain to get work done and it is impossible to track the solutions

My personal favourite EMR

March 2021


Hospital and Health Care

Easy to schedule appointments for the patients and it is also convenient to view images and documents.
Takes months to implement new features.

Most amazing software for better performance

March 2021


Hospital and Health Care

eClinical is a software that increases productivity and decreases the burden on users by managing things themselves. This software provides us with services including managing appointments and billing etc. It is also user-friendly and customer support is also great. These people try to resolve the problems quickly.
The only con it contains is that it is expensive so it is not accessible to many. It can also become confusing for some people at the beginning. I think they can make eClinical cost-effective so that more people are able to use it.

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Call us at

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