AGNES interactive telemedicine software is a cloud-based solution that collects clinical device diagnostics, vital signs data, session encounter documents, and live video conferencing interactions. Information is then securely shared in real-time with the consulting physician remotely. Explore telehealth in a revolutionized way today! 

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What Is AGNES Interactive Software?


AGNES Interactive Software is a cloud-based collaborative patient assessment tool that aids remote clinical healthcare providers in capturing medical device data exchange during telehealth sessions while conducting their video visits.

This solution enables healthcare systems to exchange and capture medical device data effortlessly, engage in live video conferences, and share medical images and documents in real-time. Key features include reporting, documentation, telemedicine solutions, scheduling and e-prescribing.

What Is AGNES Interactive Software Best For?

AGNES Connect allows healthcare providers to capture, share, and exchange documents and medical images in real time. This functionality offers healthcare professionals an invaluable tool for enhancing patient care and collaboration. With AGNES Interactive, medical practitioners can exchange X-rays, lab results, and documents and share medical device data, enabling swift diagnoses and informed treatment decisions.

AGNES Interactive Pricing

The vendor offers various customizable and flexible pricing plans. Click Get Pricing for a personalized quote tailored to your practice's requirements.

AGNES Interactive Integrations

There is no information available regarding the third-party integrations of the software.

How Does AGNES Interactive Software Work?

Here's how you can get started with the software after its successful installation:

  • Log in and access the dashboard
  • Create a new patient file and enter patient details and medical history, securely storing essential information
  • Initiate an interactive video consultation by selecting the patient's file
  • Use real-time video and audio to communicate with patients, diagnose issues, and recommend treatment
  • Access integrated electronic health records to review medical history and prescribe medication or treatment plans
  • Schedule appointments and create alerts for notification reminders
  • Share prescriptions, medical summaries, and follow-up instructions with patients directly through the platform
You can also schedule a free AGNES Interactive demo to get familiar with the tool's functionalities.

Who Is AGNES Interactive Software For?

AGNES Interactive telemedicine software caters to practices of all sizes and can be utilized by the following, including:

  • Healthcare systems
  • Community clinics
  • Rural hospitals
  • Physician services
  • Clinical providers

Is AGNES Interactive Software Right For You?

If you're searching for a personalized, efficient, and patient-focused telemedicine solution, consider AGNES Interactive software a vital addition to your practice. This software can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Whether you operate a sizable clinic or a growing healthcare institution, AGNES Interactive is a single web-based platform that helps you deliver exceptional patient care while optimizing processes. Clinical data is securely stored and encrypted, as the software is HIPAA-compliant, SOC 2 -Type II, and ISO 27001/2 certified.

If you're still uncertain about its suitability for your needs, contact us at (661)-384-7070 and let our team help you make an informed decision.

AGNES Interactive Features

Healthcare providers can generate electronic prescriptions for patients, eliminating the need for traditional paper prescriptions. This saves time and reduces errors often associated with manual transcription. The software and its secure web-based access allow physicians to access patients' medical histories, drug interactions, and allergies, ensuring safe prescription practices.

The scheduling feature simplifies appointment management for healthcare providers and patients alike. It offers a user-friendly interface for setting appointments, rescheduling, and sending automated reminders. This streamlines the patient journey, reduces no-shows, and optimizes clinic operations. Additionally, the feature supports multi-provider scheduling, enabling coordination across a healthcare facility or team.

This feature brings face-to-face interaction to telemedicine and then securely exchanges information in real-time. With high-quality audio and video capabilities, healthcare providers can see remote users conduct virtual consultations that closely replicate in-person visits. This feature allows medical professionals to assess patients, discuss treatment plans, and answer questions, fostering a robust doctor-patient relationship.

Telemedicine features a remote consulting physician to offer virtual medical consultations to patients. Through secure live video conference calls, doctors can diagnose, recommend treatments, view vital signs data, and monitor patient progress without needing physical presence. This feature addresses geographical barriers, enhances patient access to care, and brings healthcare to the patient's convenience.

Healthcare providers can digitally store medical histories, test results, and other vital documents. The feature offers robust security measures, including encryption and access controls, safeguarding sensitive patient information. Easy retrieval of documents enhances consultation efficiency, enabling healthcare providers to make well-informed decisions.

Pros and Cons of AGNES Interactive


  • Efficiently capture and share medical data
  • Integrates electronic health records
  • Unlimited remote users


  • Some features require training before implementation, according to some AGNES Interactive reviews

AGNES Interactive Reviews

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Jul 06, 2018

A way to capture and share medical data that I didn't think was possible but made my job easier!



Ease of use


Value for money


Customer Support





This has been the peak of medical softwares for me! I can now capture images of the medical devices I use and share it with my patients in REAL TIME even enabling live conferences! The data I have obtained while using it has ben top quality as a medical student I always worry about the accuracy of the results but AGNES has not let me down.


I had some difficulties understanding all of its features at first but after some practice I can say that it is definetely a tool to make the job of all health professionals easier.

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