AntWorks Healthcare Software

What is AntWorks Healthcare Software? 


AntWorks Healthcare is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) software that caters to the needs of medical practices, helping them optimize workflow and enhance patient care. It aids physicians by automating clinical tasks and providing them access to medical records, patient information, data diagnosis, etc. 

AntWorks Electronic Health Record, AntWorks Practice Management, and AntWorks Revenue Cycle Management are all part of this solution and work together seamlessly. AntWorks software offers features like electronic health records, a user-friendly patient portal, claims tracking, patient check-in, a calendar, and revenue cycle management. 

What is AntWorks Healthcare best for? 

The CMR+ feature AntWorks Healthcare Software offers makes it different from other EHR software solutions. This single option offers various solutions for practitioners, including digitized medical reports, prescription forms, contracts, and communications, all organized and easily accessible through a fully searchable document management system. 

With the CMR+ option, clinicians can improve patient care and enhance efficiency, as it allows error-free coding and paperless documentation. This feature further reduces compliance risks by enabling medical staff to devote more time to patient care and less time to administrative tasks. 

AntWorks Pricing 

AntWorks EHR has not shared any pricing details publicly. 

However, if you wish to get a custom quote for your practice, click the Get Pricing button above. One of our customer sales representatives will contact you and help you choose a suitable pricing plan. 

AntWorks Healthcare Integrations 

There is no information available regarding the integrations of AntWorks Healthcare Software. 

How does AntWorks Healthcare work? 

AntWorks EMR helps practitioners optimize workflow. To get started with the software, follow these steps: 

  1. Choose the software solution that meets your practice's needs. 
  2. Sign up for a subscription and complete the necessary paperwork. 
  3. Install the software and configure it to your practice's specifications. 
  4. Import patient data and other relevant information into the software. 
  5. Provide training for your staff on how to use the software effectively. 
  6. Begin using the software to manage patient care and other administrative tasks. 

If you want more information, you can schedule a free demo. Click on the Watch Demo above; it will provide you with a teaser of the tool. 

Who is AntWorks EHR for? 

AntWorks Healthcare Software is suitable for medical practitioners and clinicians. These include: 

  • Health systems 
  • Payers 
  • Hospitals 
  • Physician practices 
  • Long-term care facilities 

It is suitable for the following sizes of organizations: 

  • Small Practices 
  • Mid-sized Businesses 
  • Large Enterprises 

AntWorks Healthcare Features 

  • Claims Tracking Module 
    AntWorks EHR's Claims Management feature is designed to simplify filing and tracking insurance claims. It allows healthcare providers to submit claims electronically, reducing the time and effort involved in manual paperwork. This feature also provides real-time visibility into the status of claims, allowing providers to quickly identify and resolve any errors or delays. 
  • Revenue Cycle Management 
    The revenue cycle management feature of AntWorks Healthcare Software streamlines the entire billing and payment process. It offers a range of tools to help healthcare providers manage their revenue cycle, including automated payment reminders, payment plans, and payment posting. The RCM also helps with denial management and allows for a check and balance system. 
  • National Data Drug Database 
    AntWorks Healthcare offers access to a national drug database, which can assist practitioners in decreasing medical errors, enhancing patient diagnosis or treatment, and optimizing their daily operations. This database aids in monitoring drug abuse as well. 
  • Customizable Templates 
    AntWorks Healthcare's customizable templates allow healthcare providers to create and customize templates for clinical notes, orders, and other types of documentation. This feature saves time and ensures consistency in documentation, as providers can quickly generate notes using pre-defined templates tailored to their specialty or patient population. 
  • Color Coded Calendar 
    AntWorks EHR's Color Coded Calendar feature is designed to simplify scheduling and appointment management. The software uses a color-coded system to indicate different appointments, making it easy for providers to quickly identify and manage their schedules. This feature lets providers easily view patient appointment history, set recurring appointments, and send automated appointment reminders. 
  • Patient Check-in 
    The patient check-in feature offered by the EHR software system allows patients to complete registration and check-in electronically, reducing the time and effort involved in manual paperwork. Patients can access the feature from their mobile device or a self-service kiosk at the healthcare provider's office. The software captures patient data such as insurance, medical history, and demographic information, which can be seamlessly integrated into the patient's electronic health record. 

Is AntWorks Healthcare Software Right for You? 

Using EHR software has become pivotal if you are employed in the healthcare industry and wish to boost clinical efficiency. AntWorks EHR offers administrative tools that allow physicians to make informed decisions, provide value-based patient care, streamline documentation, and obtain regulatory compliance. 

AntWorks Healthcare software has received extensive user recognition due to its AI-powered decision-making capabilities and inclusive medication safety information database. To learn more, click the Watch Demo button above and take a guided tour of the software's features. 

AntWorks Software Pricing 

AntWorks EHR software has not shared any pricing details. For more details, contact the vendor or click on Get Pricing above. 

AntWorks Healthcare Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • The software is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Customer support is well-trained and responsive.
  • Customizable templates are a plus.
  • Offers easy coding, documentation, and AI facilities.


  • Not too budget-friendly.
  • The billing system needs to be more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does AntWorks Healthcare Software cost?

AntWorks EHR software has not shared any pricing details. For more details, contact the vendor or click on Get Pricing above.

Is AntWorks Software cloud-based?

Yes, AntWorks is a cloud-based software.

What are the main features of AntWorks Software?

The main features of the software include electronic health records, a patient portal, claims tracking, patient check-in, a calendar, and revenue cycle management.

What level of support does AntWorks Software offer?

The software offers a form-filling option to get in touch with their sales representatives.

Who are the main users of AntWorks Healthcare Software?

The main users of AntWorks Healthcare include health systems, payers, hospitals, physician practices, and long-term care facilities. The software is suitable for offices of all sizes.

AntWorks Healthcare Software Pricing

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