Empower your behavioral health practice with BirchNotes Medical Practice Management Software. Its integrated system efficiently manages scheduling, billing, electronic health records, and telehealth within a single, secure platform. Purpose-built for mental health practitioners, BirchNotes streamlines workflows and optimizes clinical documentation to focus on quality patient care. Explore the software today!

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What is BirchNotes Medical Practice Management Software?

BirchNotes is a client-centric EMR and practice management software for professionals in behavioral health, mental health, and substance abuse treatment. This user-friendly software is intended to assist practice owners in easily managing and growing their medical practice. 

The software's patient portal can help you cut down on patient intake time. Appointments for individuals and groups can be handled efficiently. It enables you to schedule meetings with your clients in person or via its built-in "Telehealth" feature. With its "Smart-Fill" and "Speech-to-Text" functionalities, practitioners can complete the charting quickly and effectively. The software can also help you increase your practice's revenue by enabling autopay and requiring payments in advance of sessions. 

BirchNotes Medical Software provides its customers with the following services: documentation, insurance, scheduling, medical billing, client portal, telehealth, reporting, and more.

BirchNotes Pricing 

The vendor's official website does not provide software pricing information. To get customized BirchNotes pricing plans for your practice, click the "Get Pricing" tab.

Software Demo

The software demo assists you in determining its viability for your medical facility by providing valuable insights into its functionalities. 

To schedule a BirchNotes demo on your preferred date and time, click the "Get Demo" tab and watch the software in action.


The user reviews for the BirchNotes EMR software are an excellent way to learn about its usability from its existing customers. 

The best features of the software, according to the reviewers, are client management, insurance eligibility checks, insurance filing, and customization. The software includes some excellent billing and reporting features. Users, on the other hand, believe the interface is not intuitive enough, and customer support is unresponsive. Furthermore, the system requires lengthy downtime for new updates. The practice management and financial features could be improved.

Our Thoughts

BirchNotes Medical Software is a fantastic practice management and electronic medical record (EMR) software solution for behavioral and mental health practices. It has some fantastic features and tools to help improve the day-to-day efficiency of medical practice. Overall, it is an excellent solution for practices looking to improve their efficiency, revenue, and productivity.

BirchNotes Medical Practice Management Software  Features

BirchNotes medical software offers an all-in-one solution for all of your practice's day-to-day operations. Scheduling, billing, EHR/EMR, insurance, and telehealth are all integrated into a single platform. Any of the aforementioned features do not require any additional tools or multiple log-ins.

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The software includes an EHR/EMR specifically designed for behavioral health therapists. All of the tools and features have been chosen and tailored to meet the needs of both behavioral health and substance abuse professionals.

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BirchNotes offers scalability and flexibility to meet your needs, regardless of the size or settings of your medical practice. The software insights are designed to meet the needs of any size practice operation.

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BirchNotes Medical Software helps practitioners manage their practices by automating tasks, creating smart workflows, and customizing settings. It aids in emphasizing what is most important in patient care while also saving time. BirchNotes is an excellent software solution for increasing the efficiency of your practice.

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