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DigitalMeds is a comprehensive clinic management software designed to help healthcare practices automate day-to-day workflows, streamline patient care, and build an online reputation. The cloud-based application empowers users to automate patient feedback and online reviews. It offers a host of useful features, such as physician scheduling, patient records management, appointment scheduling, and more.

The digital platform offers end-to-end solutions to help practices build their online reputation, reduce patient churn, and grow their business. Users can easily build a positive online reputation using automated surveys and gather patient feedback about recent clinic and telemedicine visits. Its integrated system automates online practice reputation management, which helps practices figure out how they are doing and make any necessary changes.

In addition, DigitalMeds Software allows practitioners to offer in-person and video consultations. They can also customize URLs for their practice to collect patient feedback and manage their online reputation.
Key Features

Patient Records Management

The clinic management software allows users to record and capture patient histories and treatment plans on a centralized dashboard. It also has workflow automation features that help users with things like scheduling appointments, billing for medical services, managing inventory, and other administrative tasks.

Physician Scheduling 

DigitalMeds Medical Software allows practitioners to set up their schedules manually so they can match their facility’s unique needs. The app facilitates staff collaboration, fosters workflow transparency, and streamlines patient-provider communication. Patients can also see providers' schedules to book a slot that suits them.

Online Reputation Management

The software helps users monitor patients’ online feedback and promote positive experiences through automated surveys. Practices can use online surveys to assess their reputations and establish a strong online presence. Moreover,

DigitalMeds’ all-in-one platform connects users with prospects through digital channels and provides actionable insights into the customer experience.

DigitalMeds Pricing 

DigitalMeds Medical Practice Software is available with monthly or annual subscriptions. However, the exact details of its subscription plans have not been disclosed publicly by the vendor.

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DigitalMeds Demo 

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DigitalMeds Reviews 

DigitalMeds Software Solution has received positive ratings across most review sites. Its customizable suite of online reputation management tools, patient records management features, and intuitive user interface have impressed many reviewers.

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Our Thoughts

DigitalMeds Software is a powerful clinic management system that helps healthcare facilities streamline day-to-day operations, enhance patient care, and build a positive online reputation. Overall, many users like the features of

DigitalMeds, but you should try out the demo version of the product to see if it's right for your medical practice.

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