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DocLinks Software is a cloud-based software that manages electronic health records (EHR) and practices management for physicians. DocLinks EHR and DocLinks EMR are both ONC certified, meaning they meet the strict standards set by the US government for electronic health records. The system is used by thousands of healthcare providers across the United States, including hospitals, clinics, and private practices. 

The software provides users with a quick and easy way to access critical information. The software is available in seven different specialty versions, each of which is specifically programmed to provide users with ideal workflows and decision support. DocLinks is also HIPAA-compliant and includes features such as a patient portal, virtual assistant, medication map, compliance tracking, Secure messaging, and much more. The system is designed to fit your practice and make patient care more manageable. 

DocLinks Software Key Features 

API Interoperability 

The software is designed to streamline the flow of information between healthcare providers and patients. By integrating with existing hospital and laboratory systems, DocLinks makes it easy for physicians to access the latest test results and prescriptions. Moreover, the system provides patients with a secure portal to view their medical records, book appointments, and request prescription refills. With its focus on interoperability, DocLinks is helping to improve communication and coordination across the healthcare system. 

Machine Learning Technology 

DocLinks EMR is a software system that utilizes machine learning technology to learn clinical patterns and offer suggestions that support efficiency. The system is designed to help clinicians manage their workflow by providing personalized recommendations based on their unique caseload. The system is constantly learning from the clinician's interactions with the system, making it more effective over time. The result is a system that can help clinicians save time and improve patient care. 

Tailored to Your Practice Needs 

The software includes a customizable interface, medical billing and coding integration, and patient portals for secure communication. DocLinks software also offers a medication management feature that helps clinicians select the most appropriate medications for their patients. 

DocLinks Software Pricing 

The software pricing starts at $500 per feature per month. DocLinks does not offer any free trial. 

Software Demo 

The software offers a free demo to help you understand how its features can benefit your practice. All you need to do is schedule it by selecting the type of practice you want and how many physicians will be in attendance. 


You can find many positive reviews about software online. The software has helped practices become more efficient and organized. DocLinks is reviewed as an excellent EHR system for small to medium-sized practices. It is customizable and has many features that other EHR systems do not offer. More legit reviews are in our Reviews section. 

Our Thoughts 

DocLink is a comprehensive, cloud-based EHR software solution that offers a variety of features and functionality to support physicians' independent practices. The software is easy to use and offers excellent customer service. If you're looking for an EHR system that is customizable and offers a variety of features to support your independent practice, DocLinks is a good option to consider. 

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DocLinks Software reviews

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DocLinks: A true dark horse among the EMRs.

October 2022

Colette K.


Here's the deal: The EMR works effectively for a doctor since the software was created by a team of medical experts and software developers who prioritize what the end-user needs. It is incredibly simple to learn and really intuitive. It lets you make templates and makes it easy to change them to fit different situations.
Since it wasn't certified for a while, attesting for MIPS requires a lot more work. But since its certification, things have been working out really smoothly.

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