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Doctor On Demand is a scalable telehealth solution that provides instant access to online psychiatrists and psychologists. The solution delivers on-demand mental health solutions through live video chat sessions. Their system is available at affordable rates through large employers and major health plans. It works well with or without insurance. The telehealth platform offers an extensive range of solutions proven to be helpful to people seeking immediate help and counseling. Quick medical advice and fairly decent video quality are among the many advantages offered by the vendor. Users can access their app via iPhone or iPad.

Doctor On Demand users always get their costs upfront and never receive any sort of bills after their visit. The providers of the solution are US-based, board-certified, and licensed. Patients can easily get their prescriptions and mental consultation from experienced psychologists, physicians, and psychiatrists. From cholesterol to colds, providers on their system can treat hundreds of issues without having patients to personally visit them. These online visits are similar to in-person doctor visits as these providers also take the patient's symptoms, medical history, lab results, and health examination into account before jumping to the final treatment.

Doctor On Demand offers integration with Apple's HealthKit that allows physicians to patient vitals, including temperature and blood pressure. Patients can even have a private space to meet their psychologists, physicians or psychiatrists face-to-face through video. They are allowed to choose from a number of therapists and take their advice to address their problems from the privacy of their homes. On top of this, patients can take a free mental health assessment to evaluate if they will benefit from talking to their providers. Their psychiatry and therapy appointments are available within two weeks.


The software charges one set fee for medical visits. Their psychological services, however, cost different amounts depending on the type of treatments patients receive. Medical doctors charge $75 for a 15-minute appointment. Most of their services are available 24/7. Although the vendor takes many insurances.

Free Trial

Doctor On Demand offers its first video visit for free.


The vendor offers online support.


Their doctors are available on call 24/7/365, even on holidays and weekends. Patients can see a physician immediately or schedule a visit at their convenience.

Product Advantages

The telehealth solution lets patients have the medical advice they need without having to go through the hassle of a walk-in clinic. They offer trained and licensed mental health therapists who are available to help 24/7/365.

Product Limitations

Their app has some technical glitches when it comes to scheduling appointments with physicians.

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The application facilitates hasslefree virtual consultations with highly qualified doctors. While there are a few preliminary screens with queries during setup once that process is completed it becomes effortless to use. The doctors available are all certified by relevant boards. Additionally the wait time has been minimal usually not exceeding five minutes before connecting with a professional.


I initially harbored skepticism regarding the concept finding it slightly unusual. This feeling persisted during my first experience although I felt that the doctor understood my concerns and provided significant support.