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DrFirst simplifies e-prescribing, ensuring accurate dosages and minimizing errors, all while enhancing patient safety and care. Say goodbye\f to paper prescriptions and embrace modern healthcare. Highly scalable, serving small clinics to large hospitals and offering advanced features like telemedicine and secure messaging. Experience efficient practice management today! 

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What Is DrFirst?


DrFirst is a medication management software that helps medical practices streamline care coordination. The software continually evolves and broadens its horizons while maintaining a keen focus on enhancing patient outcomes and advancing health care. DrFirst primarily focuses on e-prescribing, simplifying medication management. It removes the complications of traditional methods of prescribing medication, reducing errors and ensuring patients get the proper medications.

What Is DrFirst Best For?

With DrFirst e-prescribing feature, prescribing medication becomes a seamless, error-free task, greatly enhancing patient safety and care. This feature ensures accurate dosage, minimizes potential errors, and promotes efficient communication between providers and pharmacies. Gone are the days of paper prescriptions and the risk of misinterpretation. E-prescribing represents a transformative leap towards modern, patient-centered healthcare, making it easy for medical professionals to track medications and promote better care.

DrFirst Pricing

DrFirst software offers customizable pricing that depends on an organization's type, size and needs. Feel free to contact us for a tailored quote.

DrFirst Integrations

The software offers e-prescribing, medication management, care collaboration and telehealth integrations. However, the vendor has not disclosed its third-party integrations.

How Does DrFirst Software Work?

Here's how you can navigate the dashboard and make use of the software's features:

  • Log in using your credentials
  • Create patient documents and medication data
  • Access patient files, medication history and outcomes
  • Seamlessly integrate with pharmacies for prescription management
  • Utilize the medication reconciliation feature to keep the medication list up-to-date 
  • Prescribe medications and electronically submit prescription, reducing the risk of errors
  • Discover additional features to enhance your practice 
For additional guidance, you can also schedule a DrFirst demo and get a teaser of the tool.

Who Is DrFirst Software For?

DrFirst is suitable for small clinics and large hospitals, making it a highly scalable solution for healthcare practices. It can be used by the following:

  • Hospital and Health systems
  • Nurse practitioners 
  • Private practices
  • Specialty care 
  • Emergency medical services
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Payers

Is DrFirst Right For You?

DrFirst software is a web-based platform fully compliant with DEA regulations, offering a comprehensive suite of practice management features. The solution helps optimize efficiency and enhance patient care. With IT investments and clinical outcomes calendar, it effectively aids in task management and achieving practice objectives.

The software caters to a wide range of healthcare facilities, and it evolves with the growing needs of your practice. Its comprehensive capabilities serve as an all-encompassing solution for 360-degree practice management. Moreover, it is HIPAA-compliant and can be accessed via mobiles as well.

Still questioning whether DrFirst is a solution to all your medication management problems? Contact us at (661) 384-7070 and let our support team help you make an informed decision.

Dr. First Software Features

Telemedicine enables healthcare providers to conduct virtual consultations effortlessly. Patients can connect with their doctors from the comfort of their homes, enhancing accessibility to care. This feature ensures real-time video or audio communication, allowing for remote diagnosis, prescription, and monitoring, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

The patient engagement feature empowers healthcare providers to interact with patients through secure communication channels. It facilitates appointment reminders, phone calls, health education, and the sharing of important documents. By fostering a solid patient-provider relationship, it contributes to better adherence to treatment plans and overall satisfaction. 

Providers can exchange confidential information, test results, and treatment updates with peace of mind. This HIPAA-compliant messaging system enhances collaboration among healthcare teams, ultimately benefiting patient care.

This helpful feature also provides tools to educate patients about their medications, dosage schedules, and potential side effects. With reminders and alerts, patients are more likely to follow their prescribed regimens, reducing the risk of complications.

Automated alerts keep healthcare providers informed and proactive. This feature offers real-time notifications for critical events, such as abnormal lab results or missed appointments. It ensures that healthcare teams respond swiftly to emerging issues, improving patient safety and timely interventions. The alerts act as a guardian of patient well-being within the system.

Pros and Cons of Dr. First Software


  • DrFirst healthcare innovations include medication management
  • United healthcare universe where users are connected in real-time
  • Their customer support people resolve issues timely
  • Helps to prescribe medication without any mistakes


  • Updates can be Infrequent sometimes
  • Customer service can be better, according to some DrFirst reviews

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