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MedHx Dr. First, the medication management leader in the market for over 21 years pioneered EPCS with DEA, myBenefitCheck (Real-Time Benefit Check), and artificial intelligence in the field of medication management.  

Dr. First is continually innovating, expanding, and diversifying while maintaining intensely focused on increasing patient safety and health outcomes. Dr. First tackles care coordination gaps that cause readmissions and ADE’s that negatively impact star ratings and patient outcomes. 

Dr. First provides care team cooperation and patient interaction including telehealth beyond the hospital boundaries without the need to download an app or sign in to a portal. As a result, Dr. First clients have reported an 85 percent improvement in clinicians to physician communication and a 70 percent improvement in communication with clinicians to patients/caregivers resulting in decreased readmissions and improved patient care. 

Dr. First Software Key Features 

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Since 2015, Dr. First has used AI to safely translate and infer medication history data. The unique AI solutions utilize the power of natural language processing and machine learning to remove human data entry, reduce preventable errors and adverse drug events (ADEs), and provide clinicians with reliable data. 


The Dr. First integration team collaborates with electronic health records (EHRs) and other partners to determine the commercial, clinical, and technological strategy for integration and to guarantee that interoperability objectives are met. They develop solutions for existing difficulties in e-prescribing, drug management, care coordination, and telemedicine ensuring that integration supports future goals and expansion. 

Dr. First MedHx

With Dr. First MedHx local and national sources, you can obtain the most comprehensive medication history possible. The software enables pharmacists to save time on medication reconciliation. Physicians can also have a full medication history at the time of care. In addition, patients can stay safe with decreased possibility of adverse medication effects. 

Dr. First Software Cost

Dr. First EMR software pricing is not shared with the public; therefore, you may contact the vendor directly to get a quote for your practice.  


For medical practitioners, there is no better software than Dr. First EHR since it is so user-friendly and flexible. If you'd like to see how Dr. First can improve your workflow, please contact a Dr. First vendor for a demo. The demo will help you navigate through the software in real-time so you can decide whether it's worth an investment or not.  


In Dr. First EHR reviews, it appears that the software has a generally positive web rating, indicating that customers praise it and its many features. In addition, the vast majority of consumers like the ease with which they may utilize the software. 

Our Thoughts

Dr. First is a robust EHR software for medical professionals. It offers various benefits including artificial intelligence and Dr. First iprescribe. You can learn more about the software by scheduling a Dr. First MedHx demo

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