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DriCloud is cloud-based medical software that allows users to manage patients, schedule appointments, customize profiles, and market products on a single platform. It is used by various health niches ranging from urology, surgery, and cardiology to physiotherapy, urgent care, pediatrics, and much more. Dri Cloud Software helps you create a custom EHR that helps you track and record your patients proficiently, which takes your practice to a better level. 

DriCloud EHR not only allows you to track patient forms but also eases your billings, digital signatures, consent forms, drug prescriptions, and progress statistics. With a marketing module integrated into applications compatible with both IOS and Android, the user can maximize its reviews and increase client satisfaction effectively.  

DriCloud Software Key Features 

Customized Patient Portal Management 

Doctors can fully customize client portals with detailed demographics, unlimited edits, and client history track giving them a 360 patient profile. Images can be uploaded along with recurring medical payments, prescriptions, medical diaries, and treatment plans. GDPR encrypted protocols allow you to video chat with your patients to connect with them any time of the day for remote patient monitoring. 

Inventory Management And Marketing Module 

The software provides a multi-specialty agenda through a marketing module in which patients can access your free website 24/7 increasing the potential for new clients. The website can be integrated with other platforms like Facebook, WordPress, and Google Calendar. Inventory management features can help you run your online store, which will increase sales and provide independent billing. 

Safe Online Appointment Scheduling 

Dri Cloud EHR offers an exclusive Medical Office Software that makes billing and online payments ten times easier by providing complete statistics, free digital and hand signatures, expense controls, and GDPR Compliance. With IOS and Android applications, the software helps you make websites and online appointments. The Touch ID and Facial Security features provide added security so that no information is compromised. 

DriCloud Pricing 

This cloud-based medical platform comes in four monthly payment plans: 

  • Only - $65 (1 user) 
  • Equipment $89 (1-3 users) 
  • Medical Center - $179 (1-30 users)
  • Large Clinics - $359 (1-50 users) 

The number of features offered varies according to the payment plans and subscriptions. The payment will be made in local currency. 

Software Demo 

The user can schedule a demo session with DriCloud EHR where he can thoroughly learn about the software. It offers a free 3-month trial in which the user can experience the platform in a full-fledged manner, after which he will be charged monthly. No initial payment is required if you subscribe to the free or paid plan. 


Numerous satisfied users can be found on different websites who have given positive ratings to DriCloud Platform. This software makes patient management easier by inhibiting the need for traditional time-taking scheduling and history tracking. Being a multi-functional software, it improves the clinical practice experience effectively. Read authentic reviews in our Reviews section. 

Our Thoughts 

DriCloud Software is a fully-equipped cloud-based technology that provides competitive medical tools needed to manage small to medium-sized clinics. It enhances doctor-to-patient communication and minimizes the scheduling, tracking, prescription, and managing time, making it a productive investment. 

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