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EMRDoc is a comprehensive electronic medical records software designed for hospital emergency and urgent care centers. The on-premise application empowers users to manage patient medical records, reduce data entry errors, and maintain compliance with industry regulations. It offers a host of useful features, such as clinical prompting, order status tracking, allergy and drug interaction warnings, e-prescribing, and computerized provider order entry (CPOE).

The digital platform includes handwriting and voice recognition capabilities, which enables providers to document clinical, patient, and risk management information as quickly as possible. It integrates seamlessly with other hospital information systems (HIS), enabling doctors to make informed care decisions. Providers can also utilize order entry and status tracking functionalities to track treatment progress in real-time.

Additionally, EMRDoc Software comes with a "Fast Chart Completion" tool that supports multiple data entry methods for completing charts. It also offers additional features like clinical prompting, JCAHO safety screening, decision-making assistance, and First Databank allergy.
Key Features

Physician Charting

EMRDoc EHR comes with a comprehensive emergency department documentation system that enables quick and easy electronic medical charting. It supports voice recognition, keyboard entry, and handwriting recognition options for streamlining the entire data input process.

Patient Tracking 

The Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) offers real-time patient tracking and management functionalities. It streamlines workflows and provides an overhead view of the overall emergency department activity on a single screen. Individual patient status can also be viewed by providers to ensure optimal care delivery.

Risk Management 

EMPOWERdoc’s EMRDoc program enables physicians to provide high-quality care in an emergency department. It analyzes evidence-based content used in several published studies for high-risk patients, providing real-time clinical decision support through documentation prompting.

EMRDoc Pricing 

EMRDoc Software is available with monthly or annual subscriptions. However, the exact details of its subscription plans have not been shared publicly by the vendor.

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EMRDoc Demo 

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EMRDoc Reviews 

EMRDoc by EMPOWERdoc has received great user satisfaction ratings across most accredited sites. Its intuitive user interface, robust suite of risk management tools, and excellent customer support have impressed many subscribers.

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Our Thoughts

EMRDoc Software is a feature-rich electronic medical records (EMR) system that helps emergency departments and urgent care centers improve the quality of patient care, facilitate physician collaboration, and minimize paperwork. Overall, the application boasts a satisfied customer base, but we recommend you try out the product’s demo version to determine whether it meets your specific requirements.

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