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ExpertBox is an all-in-one practice management solution designed to help healthcare practices track patient information, automate day-to-day operations, and reduce manual data entry. The digital platform consolidates patient scheduling, availability management, telemedicine, patient health record management, workflow automation, and medical billing functionalities within a unified portal. It helps solo practitioners in different specialties, clinics, and group practices manage their practices from start to finish.

The application offers a robust suite of patient management solutions that helps clinicians build long-lasting relationships with their patients. Its health record management features enable users to store medical prescriptions, write therapy notes, order lab results, and record patient encounters to track the entire course of treatment. Physicians can securely reach out to patients using the telemedicine solution with HD video calls, messages, and chat. Also, ExpertBox medical software manages and stores patients' personal information, health records, files, and bills in one HIPAA-compliant database.
Key Features

Appointment Scheduling

ExpertBox software comes equipped with an automated appointment scheduler that enables providers to set their day-specific availability so patients can know their schedule. Healthcare professionals can easily go through patients’ intake forms prior to their visits and provide high-quality services. Also, the front desk staff can cancel or reschedule patient visits without having to talk back and forth.

Personalized Patient Care

The all-in-one practice management system enables providers to keep track of patient progress, send relevant care instructions, and receive updates on the treatment process so they can deliver a smooth, personalized care experience. During remote care sessions, doctors can also send each other messages, images, and files to improve the health of their patients.

Online Payments

ExpertBox EMR automates the billing process to help practices simplify payment management and get reimbursed quickly. It uses the Stripe payment processing platform, which helps users get rid of problems with billing and makes it easier for businesses to get paid.

ExpertBox Pricing 

The ExpertBox EHR cost structure is based on the standard subscription-based model. Further, the subscription cost for the vendor’s basic plan starts at $29.95 per month.

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ExpertBox Demo 

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ExpertBox Reviews 

ExpertBox medical software has been well received by users. Many reviews were positive, with subscribers praising the system for its robust suite of workflow automation features, intuitive interface, and responsive customer support.

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Our Thoughts

ExpertBox software offers a feature-rich practice management solution that helps healthcare organizations facilitate daily administrative, clinical, regulatory, and financial operations. It gives you specialized functions to boost productivity, make it easier for patients and providers to talk to each other, and improve the way you handle the revenue cycle.
We recommend that you opt for the product’s demo version to see if it matches your practice’s unique requirements.

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