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GOrendezvous software is a centralized, one-stop practice management application that provides complete features for workflow improvement. It streamlines task management and EMR for healthcare departments, medical professionals, health care practitioners, and wellness, fitness, and beauty professionals. It has integrated SOAP notes that offer standard key points for easy patient handling. Customizable templates help in creating e-forms, e-prescriptions, and e-notes for sharing and reporting attachments. The software provides you with gift card management for streamlined customer retention. 

The practice management software also offers another useful feature in the form of credit card processing. It enabled practices to manage budgeting and cost-cutting across all touchpoints. It is SaaS software that is also compatible with Android, iOS, and web-based devices. You can also use color codes, reminders, and integrated calendar features to send alerts and notifications to your patients.

Key Features 

Complete Revenue Management 

You can easily collect payments with a virtual point of sale. It offers automatic invoice generation for all appointments. Automatic cancellation and tip management handle costs and losses. You can offer remote counseling and appointments through bilingual features and video conferencing. It streamlines booking to manage increased traffic. 

Effective Appointment Scheduling 

The software offers passwordless bookings with Facebook and the website. GOrendezvous Inc. offers a smart waiting list for improved CRM. Following a booking and payment, it automatically sends an email confirmation. Release Waiver and intake form generation assist you in creating simple schedules. It sends thank-you notes and rebooking information to your patients. 

Charting and Lab Integration 

Collaboration and sharing tools help you share reports and work on a single project as a team. The software offers easy file sharing with PHIPA (Ontario), PIPEDA (Canada), and LPRPSP (Quebec) compliance. Cancellation policy management offers waiver, repeating, short-notice, and no-show cancellations. You can access multiple location management and team management tools with the software tools. 

GOrendezvous Software Pricing 

GOrendezvous cost plans are available in two different versions: Professional and Business. 

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GOrendezvous Software Demo 

You can easily access the free trial of the software. It provides a completely free version of the paid software to all its users on a trial basis. You can get further training through webinars, documentation, live videos, email/help desk, FAQs/forums, knowledge base, phone support, and chat. To get a complete GOrendezvous demo, don’t forget to click on the "Watch Demo" button.  

GOrendezvous Software Reviews 

The software is one of the leading platforms for medical and healthcare practice improvement. It offers client claiming, client appointment-making, and other related tools for all-in-one management. Scroll down to the Reviews Section for more information on the tools provided by GOrendezvous and GOrendezvous reviews.

Our Thoughts 

The GOrendezvous app is a web-based, all-in-one tool for managing medical and fitness tasks. It makes it easier to handle projects and patients. It has different third-party integrations, website integrations, and compliance with healthcare standards for a safe and smooth flow of patients. It is a centralized software that provides one-to-one customized solutions for all.

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