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LeadSquared Software is a HIPAA-Compliant marketing automation software that expands your practice’s ROI and provider-patient relationship management through record management, managing referrals, and sales CRM. This end-to-end omnichannel software helps you enhance your relationships with increased engagement and reduced lead leakage. It allows you to know most about your client with 360-degree client profiles and personalized communication. 

LeadSquared CRM can be used by a varied number of industries, including e-commerce, education, healthcare, IT services, wellness, real estate, and more. It can promote your practice to reach its full potential through its multiple business tools and client management capabilities. Users can track their sales activities and effectively show rates. 

LeadSquared Key Features 

End-to-End Lead Management and Distribution  

LeadSquared CRM software captures and auto-qualifies leads from both online and offline channels. Once the leads are captured, they are distributed among teams to ensure quality and maintain a high revenue. The autoresponders and client management portals help in minimizing response time and increasing customer and team engagement. 

Secure Remote Working  

It motivates remote workers by safely providing real-time updates and insights. The two-factor authentication and activity tracking on the activity dashboard ensure team productivity. LeadSquared trigger-specific actions allow to maintain a proficient workforce and improve the quality of practice through the campaign and channel management. 

Automated Merchant Lifestyle 

The automated field operations features make sure all leads are handled along with geo-tracking and online verification. Reports can be received, and new meetings can be arranged through self-serving portals with minimum delay. LeadSquared Application provides in-depth insights to the specified merchants with accurate geofencing. 

LeadSquared Pricing 

The billings are made annually according to the plan chosen. LeadSquared CRM pricing for the monthly plan is LITE: $25/user, PRO: $50/user, and SUPER: $100/user. The automation plans are Essential, Basic, Standard, and Enterprise at $150, $400, $1200, and $2500, respectively.  

Application Demo 

LeadSquared Software provides a 15-day free trial to all new users without the verification of a credit card. Users can fully experience its features and test them before making a final decision. 24/7 live chat and phone support are provided to the users along with the free trial. 


Multiple positive reviews can be found about LeadSquared CRM on several online platforms. The software inhibits the need for hardcore coding through different tools and provides a way to increase platform capabilities with ease. Users can easily communicate with agents, patients, clients, and teams in a secure and timely manner. You can easily find more reviews about LeadSquared in our review section. 

Our Thoughts 

LeadSquared CRM Software is an innovative business tool that helps its users to create a dynamic workflow with numerous helping features for multiple industries including education, healthcare, solo practices, real estate, and more. Its competitive lead management, customer engagement insights, automated functions, and cloud management makes it software worth using. 

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