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ManagementPlus is a practice management software that streamlines practice for eye specialists, ophthalmologists, and optometrists. The software offers a variety of tools available on a single dashboard so that you can arrange your clinical workflow within a few clicks. It offers two types of modules, cloud-based and on-premise. The software can operate on both desktop and mobile devices. 

The Management Plus EMR software allows optometrists to fully customize patient records so that you can have personalized demographics all the time. The software offers two scheduling modules for reporting and analyzing patient data. Apart from patient management, the Management Plus application also offers complete revenue cycle management. This includes the significant features of inventory control, sales optimization, business analytics, PoS, and reputation management.  

MangementPlus Key Features 

Customized EHR Portal 

ManagementPlus EHR lets you fully customize your patient portal. The patient history can be updated easily, and you can examine patients' history with complete ease. With the option of merging and single view, you can compare and test different reports at the same time. It offers you the freedom to exchange databases, which reduces communication time. It also offers the feature of real-time reporting so that you never miss any important detail about a patient's recovery. 

Business Optimization Analytics 

Financial management and tracking become so much easier with software. Through inventory management and business analytics, specialists can increase their productivity outcomes. The software offers reputation management through fool-proof billing and receipt management, thus increasing patient repetition.  

Appointment Scheduling Management 

You can easily schedule patient appointments through software. It allows you to navigate the patient's success and can alert you about upcoming appointments. The calendar can be synced with Google Calendar so that you can rely on the software for invoice, payments, appointments, and other reminders.  

MangementPlus Pricing 

The pricing starts at $360 per month per user. The complete payment plan is not provided by the vendor. 

Software Demo 

For a complete demo of the Management Plus Software, you can request the vendor on its official website. A complete description and manual for the application will be given. Although it does not provide integrated technical support, you can request training materials from the vendor to fully understand the software.  


Management Plus EHR has a lot of happy users who have rated the software generously. The solution is easy to use and allows maximum productivity. The all-in-one dashboard management makes it easier to handle patient profiles and history. With business analytical tools, Opthalmology practice has become better than ever. You can find more reviews in our Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts 

Management Plus EMR is a complete practice management software that steps up your eye care practice to another level. The business-integrated tools allow ophthalmologists to track patient success, and manage scheduling, billing, chart documentation, PoS, reimbursement, custom reports, and more. 

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