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Experience efficient eye care practice management with ManagementPlus EHR. Simplify records, appointments, and billing using specialized templates. Suitable for optometrists, ophthalmologists, and practice managers, ManagementPlus EHR streamlines workflows and elevates patient care. The software can also seamlessly integrate with labs and pharmacies.

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What Is ManagementPlus EHR?  


ManagementPlus EHR by EyeCare Leaders is a comprehensive cloud-based software tailored to the unique needs of eye care professionals. It is an all-in-one practice management software. From patient records and appointments to billing and coding, ManagementPlus EHR simplifies workflow and streamlines efficiency with its user-friendly interface. 

What Is ManagementPlus EHR Best For?  

The standout feature of ManagementPlus EHR is its library of specialized templates with a structured framework, crafted for optometrists and ophthalmologists. These templates help ensure accurate records during eye exams and treatments.    

ManagementPlus EHR Pricing  

The ManagementPlus EHR cost is based on your unique requirements. Get a personalized ManagementPlus EHR pricing for your business today! 

ManagementPlus EHR Integrations  

The software seamlessly integrates with popular third-party software, connecting with pharmacies, revenue cycle management, labs, and payers. One of the third-party software it integrates with is VisionWeb. 

How Does ManagementPlus EHR Work?  

Here’s how to get started with the software after its successful installation:      

  • Set up individual user accounts for your team members, assigning appropriate access levels and permissions  
  • Migrate existing patient records, appointment schedules, and relevant data from your previous system   
  • Configure templates, appointment types, and billing codes to tailor the software to your practice's needs  
  • Start scheduling appointments using the scheduling tool, optimizing patient flow and minimizing wait times  
  • Integrate billing processes, ensuring seamless claims generation, accurate coding, and efficient reimbursement  
  • Document eye exams, diagnoses, treatments, and other patient interactions using the specialized templates  

The ManagementPlus EHR demo takes you through these steps in more detail. 

Who Is ManagementPlus EHR For?  

The practice management solution caters to eye care professionals of all sizes, from small practices to large clinics. It is specifically useful in the existing workflows: 

  • Ophthalmologists  
  • Optometrists  
  • Opticians  
  • Practice Managers  

Is ManagementPlus EHR Right For You?  

Are you an eye care professional seeking a cutting-edge solution to elevate your practice? ManagementPlus Electronic Health Records could be right for you. With a proven track record of serving optometrists and ophthalmologists, the software has established a name for itself. 

The software also offers enhanced security, scalability, and personalized add-ons. Whether you're aiming to eliminate documentation errors, optimize appointments, or seamlessly integrate with crucial third-party tools, ManagementPlus EHR has your back.  

Still not sure if it's the right choice for you? Contact us at (661) 384-7070 and let our experienced team assist you in making an informed decision. 

ManagementPlus EHR Pricing Plans       

The pricing is flexible depending on your practice needs. 

ManagementPlus Software Features

ManagementPlus EHR offers specialized templates for eye care professionals. These templates streamline the documentation process, ensuring accurate and standardized records for eye diagnoses and treatments.

Gain valuable insights into your practice's performance with reporting and analytics tools. Make informed decisions based on data-driven metrics, helping you optimize operations and enhance patient care.

Gain valuable insights into your practice's performance with reporting and analytics tools. Make informed decisions based on data-driven metrics, helping you optimize operations and enhance patient care.

Update patient history effortlessly, examine records , and compare reports with ManagementPlus EHR. Access merging, single view, and real-time reporting for comprehensive insights. You can also exchange databases, saving time and staying informed with real-time recovery details.

Through inventory management and business analytics, specialists can increase their productivity outcomes. The software offers reputation management through fool-proof billing and receipts, improving financial management and tracking.

ManagementPlus EHR lets you navigate the patient's treatment and alerts you about upcoming appointments. The calendar can be synced with Google Calendar so that you can rely on the software for invoices, payments, appointments, and other reminders.

Pros and Cons of ManagementPlus Software


  • The practice management software is easy to customize
  • Excellent ManagementPlus reporting tool that unveils many insights
  • Customizable EHR forms for ophthalmologists and optometrists
  • Seamless Integrations in one integrated platform


  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • Inventory control can suffer from occasional bugs, according to ManagementPlus EHR reviews

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May 11, 2023

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Every year there is an invaluable and enjoyable Users Group meeting. Their EHR visit design tool is both intuitive and powerful. Every member of their tech support team is knowledgeable and helpful and they pride themselves on being reachable. The retention rate for their employees stands between six to ten years on average.


Bugs can arise in any large and complex software especially when it has been customized to the specific practices of its users. These bugs can appear in various forms which can prove frustrating for both endusers and developers alike. Nevertheless developers persist in their pursuit of perfection.

Frequently Asked Questions

The software that follow existing workflows are major users of ManagementPlus, including the following: Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Opticians, and Practice Managers.

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