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Medusind's cloud-based practice management solution, MedClarity, is appropriate for any specialty and size practice. It is available as a technology-only solution for in-house billers or as a fully outsourced solution for fully outsourced billers. 

Customized reporting, billing and claim scrubbing, insurance eligibility verification, and denial management are essential features. In addition, the solution aids in creating appointment schedules that inform customers of appointment availability and status. The solution also includes tools for creating reports, which help manage revenue cycle processes.

MedClarity Software Key Features

Financial Ease 

MedClarity also offers a financial tool that integrates multiple processes to help with practice management and analysis. For example, the billing processes, including payment posting and reconciliation, certified coding, reporting, and front-office processes, are combined into one solution. 

Reporting Tools 

MedClarity gives you complete visibility and control over your revenue cycle. Reports can be saved and preset on the reporting dashboard with its unrestricted reporting capability. Furthermore, reports can be created in summary and detail and exported to any format. 

Every month, MedClarity generates a practice wellness report. The PWR report is downloadable and provides a comprehensive view of your practice's financial situation without running multiple reports. 

Telemedicine Billing

MedClarity is your Revenue Cycle Partner for getting your telehealth claims submitted correctly, paid to contract, and paid quickly. It assists with tens of thousands of claims submitted and millions in telehealth charges collected for clients. 

MedClarity Software Pricing 

Do you want to know about the MedClarity software pricing? Unfortunately, MedClarity pricing is not available publicly. However, this is a relatively common practice among software companies. Therefore, you have to contact the vendor directly to get an estimate for your practice.  

Software Demo 

Are you still wondering if it’s a good idea to invest in software? MedClarity is a user-friendly and configurable software for medical professionals. You can schedule a demo with the vendor by contacting them. The demo is helpful because it shows you how the software can help you streamline your tasks. In addition, you can examine various features and determine whether the software is worthwhile. 


Do you want to know what users think about software? According to MedClarity reviews, the software has a high online rating, indicating that users are satisfied with its comprehensive features. Furthermore, most users appreciate how the software handles all administrative and financial tasks. 

Our Thoughts 

MedClarity is a powerful web-based software for medical billing and practice management. The solution comes with several tools that give medical practices of any size complete control over their revenue and front-office operations. It also has a user-friendly interface and workflows. 

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