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Mendable offers medical billing and revenue cycle management services to independent eye care specialists so they may maximize their insurance billing. We are experts in all aspects of medical billing, including claim filing, accounts receivable aging, and payment posting. Experienced, qualified medical billers can make sure that your claims are submitted appropriately and on time. It will help you free up the time spent on administrative tasks so you can focus on the treatment.

Mendable Software Key Features 

Billing and Coding Support 

To prevent rejections and denials, we'll make sure claims are presented properly. You'll get compensated more quickly. Before they are sent out, our team triple-checks your claims to guarantee the highest claiming standards. Moreover, it is crucial that your practice is adhering to regulations and compliance rules. It will ensure that you respect your agreements, follow the law, and see to it that you and your patients are compensated properly.  

Plugging Revenue Leaks  

The Mendable software also provides careful management of your accounts receivable. To make sure you don't skip due payments, your books are carefully scrutinized. The only efficient and economical approach to handle your practice's revenue is to outsource your billing to a team of professionals. By scaling professional help across the billing process, you can ensure that revenue leaks are prevented. Software makes use of technology and economies to manage your billing efficiently. 

Reporting and Analytics 

It is important to run analytics so that you can make necessary changes for improvement. Effective reports are also helpful in understanding which factors you need to focus on. Therefore, Mendabe relies on a data-driven approach in order to identify the gaps in your practice.    

Mendable Pricing  

The information regarding Mendable pricing is not available on the website. However, if you are interested in learning about the cost, you can contact the sales team to help you understand best practices.

Software Demo 

The Mendable demo can be accessed by filling in a simple form available on the official vendor profile. You can use it to learn about the features before you get a subscription.


Mendable’s intelligence software has offered solutions to medical practitioners who want to reduce insurance claim rejections. It relies on automation which effectively lowers aging reports. The billing solution reviews show that it has been successful in helping with the process of insurance. 

Our Thoughts

With regard to patient type, aging days, claim status, and other configurable reports for Accounts Receivable transparency, Mendable's intelligent software provides extensive reporting. The solutions provided by Mendable's technology include accounts receivable administration, compliance services tasked with maintaining standards, and a committed support team. They also help reduce the time it takes to make a claim. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Mendable offer an API?

Yes, Mendable offers an API for its users.

Does Mendable Software support mobile devices?

Yes, Mendable software supports mobile devices.

What languages does Mendable Software support?

Mendable Software supports the following languages: English.

What level of support does Mendable offer?

Mendable Software provides the following levels of support: Phone, chat, and email support.

Who are the typical users of Mendable software?

Mendable software’s typical users and organization types are: small businesses, mid-size businesses, enterprises, freelancing, nonprofits, and government healthcare organizations.

Mendable Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Mendable Software reviews

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Call us at

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