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For single and multi-specialty healthcare networks, Momentum Scheduling is a cloud-based software solution that provides automated scheduling, time-off management, and on-call scheduling capabilities. Momentum Scheduling makes daily scheduling tasks simple with real-time access to updated scheduling activity and status information, including job boards and customizable advanced reports. 

With its simple and easy-to-use interface, Momentum Scheduling Software ensures that healthcare providers and staff can get their work done with little effort. The software enables healthcare professionals and staff to view their schedules, request time off, schedule themselves, and even switch shifts from anywhere. The software also has an on-call management feature that enables businesses to monitor and control staff and providers who are available on-call. 

Key Features 

Employee Database 

Momentum Scheduling EMR software offers an employee database to help businesses keep track of employee data. Numerous fields, including name, address, job title, and contact information, are present in the database. The software also enables companies to monitor employee productivity, absences, and vacation time. 

Automated Scheduling 

The automatic scheduling feature streamlines the process of scheduling appointments. This feature eliminates the need for manual data input and allows you to quickly and easily schedule appointments. The simple. Additionally, the software provides a number of features that let you personalize your appointment schedule. For instance, you can configure the software to automatically send patients reminders prior to their appointment. Additionally, you can configure the software to send appointment reminders to staff members who require this information. 


The software gives you a number of reports, including a list of patients with appointments, a list of employees with vacation days scheduled, and a list of absent workers. Businesses that want to increase the effectiveness of their scheduling can benefit greatly from the reporting and analytics feature. 

Schedule Distribution 

With the Schedule Distribution feature of Momentum Scheduling software, you can send schedules to group members via email or text message and share changes to the schedule in real-time. You can be sure that everyone in your group is always aware of the most recent scheduling information as a result. 

Momentum Scheduling Software Pricing 

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Momentum Scheduling Software Demo 

Click the "Watch Demo" button to see a live demonstration of Momentum Scheduling. Check out how it can streamline and enhance your company's scheduling procedures. Currently, the software does not provide a free version or trial. 

Momentum Scheduling Software Reviews 

Users have generally given the software favorable reviews. The program is praised for its capacity to streamline and automate scheduling operations. The reporting and analytics features of the software is also well-liked by users. In our Reviews Section, you can read more reviews of the software. 

Our Thoughts 

Healthcare providers can easily customize their schedules with Momentum Scheduling's cloud-based software thanks to a number of features, such as the ability to set up self-scheduling rules and remind patients. Overall, medical businesses that want to increase the effectiveness of their scheduling should give this software some thought.

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