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Momentum Scheduling Software

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Discover Momentum scheduling software - your ultimate practice management tool. It features automated provider scheduling, communication tools, real-time insights, and time-tracking solutions. Reduce labor expenses, enhance staff efficiency, and improve patient care quality with its comprehensive set of features. Get started now!

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What Is Momentum Scheduling Software?


Momentum is a cloud-based healthcare staff scheduling solution for single and multi-specialty healthcare networks. The platform offers comprehensive features, including time and attendance management, reporting and job boards, automated provider scheduling, and communication tools. It allows practices to optimize workforce utilization, lower labor expenses, improve staff productivity, and enhance patient care outcomes, through efficient staff allocation and real-time data insights.

Momentum Scheduling Software Pricing

The Momentum scheduling software cost depends on your practice's size, type, and requirements. Contact us for a customized quote today.

Momentum Scheduling Software Integrations

The vendor has not provided details about any third-party integrations. You can schedule a free Momentum scheduling software demo to see the software in action.

Who Is Momentum Scheduling Software For?

Momentum caters to healthcare organizations of varying sizes and specialties, such as cardiology, pulmonary, anesthesiology, radiology, OB/GYN, and gastroenterology. It can be used by:

  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Group practices
  • Multi-site clinics
You can also watch a Watch Demo Momentum Scheduling Software demo for more information about the software.

Is Momentum Scheduling Software Right For You?

If you are seeking a healthcare staff scheduling solution that enhances efficiency and communication, Momentum scheduling software could be ideal. Its collaborative scheduling, time and attendance management, and thorough reporting make it a perfect match for healthcare organizations aiming to streamline workforce management.

The vendor has effectively optimized scheduling for prominent healthcare organizations, such as Olivia Hospital and Clinic, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center, and Lakewood Health System. This showcases its capacity to provide effective solutions that cater to the requirements of both providers and patients.

Still unsure whether Momentum scheduling software is right for your organization? Contact us at (661) 384-7070, and we will help you make an informed decision.

Momentum Scheduling Software Features

It is designed to meet on-call staffing needs and streamline the assignment and management of on-call shifts for providers. Administrators can efficiently create, assign, and adjust on-call schedules with real-time visibility into on-call assignments. This enhances responsiveness to emergent patient care needs, maintains adequate coverage, and elevates overall patient care quality and staff satisfaction.

Momentum's collaborative scheduling feature enhances communication between managers and staff, facilitating easy shift swaps, volunteer assignments, and shift preference communication via a centralized dashboard. This fosters coordination among healthcare professionals, ensuring efficient staff allocation.

The software offers robust data analysis and reporting capabilities, enabling users to generate customized reports for data-driven insights into staff scheduling, performance, and productivity. This data empowers healthcare organizations to make informed decisions, optimize workforce utilization, and enhance patient care outcomes.

The time and attendance management functionality efficiently tracks and manages healthcare professionals' work hours. It allows employees to log their hours, compare scheduled versus actual hours, and submit and prioritize PTO requests. This aids in monitoring compliance with labor laws and internal policies, simplifying the payroll process.

Momentum scheduling software offers convenient mobile access and notifications to connect healthcare professionals seamlessly. With the mobile feature, users can access schedules and make updates on the go, ensuring flexibility and real-time responsiveness. The system's notifications feature keeps staff informed about shift changes, updates, and important announcements, enhancing communication and reducing the risk of scheduling conflicts.

Pros and Cons of Momentum Scheduling Software


  • Users can swap requests with the team schedule
  • Intuitive interface for easy access
  • Streamlined staff allocation tools lead to cost savings
  • Elevates overall staff satisfaction and retention
  • User-friendly mobile app


  • There is a slight learning curve for new users, according to some Momentum scheduling software reviews
  • Customization complexity for some features
  • Customer support could be improved

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