Mountainside Practice Management System Software

Mountainside Practice Management System Software

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Discover Mountainside software – a solution designed to streamline healthcare operations. It simplifies workflows with features like automated insurance processing, comprehensive patient charts, and an efficient allergy lab system. From appointment scheduling to billing, Mountainside enables seamless and individualized care. Get started today!

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What Is Mountainside Software?


Mountainside software is a full-featured electronic health record and practice management system for medical practices of all sizes. The platform combines integrated solutions for documentation, billing, scheduling, and patient forms, equipping practices with a complete suite of tools to manage their administrative and clinical workflows. With its flexible interface, healthcare providers can improve operational efficiency, optimize revenue cycle, and enhance the quality of care.

The vendor offers individually tailored products that can be purchased separately or as a complete package and are customized during implementation to fit each practice's unique needs and preferences.

Mountainside Software Pricing

The vendor offers customizable pricing plans based on a practice’s size and requirements. Request a personalized pricing quote from our sales team today!

Mountainside Software Integrations

Mountainside supports integration with various platforms. However, the vendor has not disclosed more information regarding its specific third-party integrations.

You can also schedule a free Mountainside software demo to learn more about the software’s interoperability and full range of features.

Who Is Mountainside Software For?

Mountainside practice management system is suitable for healthcare practices of all sizes across a variety of specialties, including:

  • Family medicine
  • Allergy
  • Psychology
  • Surgery
  • Podiatry
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain management

Is Mountainside Software Right For You?

If you're in search of a flexible and customizable medical software solution for your specialty practice, Mountainside might be the perfect fit. Its tailored implementation approach enables precise configuration of products to align seamlessly with your workflow. The vendor collaborates closely with each new customer during implementation, understanding their specific goals and priorities to optimize how technology supports clinical and administrative operations.

Furthermore, Mountainside prioritizes data security and privacy, employing robust encryption protocols and access controls to safeguard sensitive patient information.

Still not sure if Mountainside software is the right choice for you? Contact us at (661) 384-7070, and we will help you make the best decision.

Mountainside Practice Management System Software Features

Mountainside offers a powerful suite of practice management tools designed to enhance the financial performance of healthcare practices. With a comprehensive patient information window, it provides complete access to a patient's demographics, insurance details, and a full overview of their Accounts Receivable and historical data. This feature streamlines administrative tasks, ensuring practices have the necessary information at their fingertips to optimize revenue and achieve a stronger bottom line.

This feature simplifies the claims process by creating and submitting claims automatically, whether it's for new charges or payments from a previous carrier. It supports various submission methods, including electronic formats like ANSI and paper formats like HCFA 1500. Moreover, the system allows users to review claims and correct errors before submission, ensuring accurate and efficient claims processing.

The patient charts feature offers a comprehensive view of patients' current information and complete access to their documentation. This includes patient notes, diagnostic tests, active prescriptions, medication history, problems, immunization records, and other preventive care procedures. Furthermore, it also includes essential information about allergies and other alerts, providing a holistic and organized overview of a patient's medical history.

Mountainside’s allergy lab system is an efficient tool designed for managing all aspects of a patient's care, from testing to injections. It provides a patient’s picture for easy identification during account management and injections administration. The system also keeps track of patient vials and injections, alerting staff when new vials are needed and when patients are overdue for injections.

Pros and Cons of Mountainside Practice Management System Software


  • Customizable solutions cater to diverse medical practice needs
  • Flexible modular solutions to purchase separately or as a package
  • Offers comprehensive patient charts to provide a holistic view of medical history
  • Simplifies billing and claims submission processes
  • Efficient allergy lab system manages testing and injection processes effectively


  • Potential learning curve for new users, according to some Mountainside software reviews
  • Customer support could be improved
  • Limited reporting and analytics features

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The main users of Mountainside software include practices of all sizes across multiple healthcare specialties, including allergy, pain management, and podiatry.

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