MyCare EHR Suite by Eye Care Leaders

MyCare EHR Suite by Eye Care Leaders is an incredible electronic billing system especially targeted towards eye specialists for the purposes of providing them assistance with developing an enhanced system of care for the patients and a quick system of management. It possesses special tools of management for the practice. This helps with saving time and allowing for the quick working of tasks. The process of Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) possesses the same technology that is put into the EHR system of MyCare.

The administrative facet of MyCare EHR software helps the management of the practice to make their point-of-sale connections easier to understand, it also helps improve management of the inventory, the enhancement of communication with other Optical labs, and accurately tracking the shipments of the practice. It also contains a portal for patients which allows for more interaction between the practice and the patients, making sure they are engaged and in communication to improve the proficiency of the practice with the help of feedback and acquiescence.

MyCare Tutorial shows that there is a reporting and feedback option in the software in compliance with the Assurances of MIPS. It also makes sure that practices are following all the rules and guidelines of MIPS quality resulting in positive corrections in the payments after 2018.

MyCare EHR System provides its clients with a new standard of data access for medical histories, legend drugs, and substance electronic prescriptions that are controlled, and compliance with the support of medications for the patient. Additionally, MyCare Demo displays an enhancement of the strength of the practices with exceptional analytics with the help of tools such as metrics, action items, dashboards, and indicators, which help the management of the practice in order to comprehend their weaknesses and strong points, so they can fix them and figure out ways that allow the practice to accomplish newer heights of victory.

MyCare Features also include a Revenue Cycle Solutions that helps in identifying opportunities to increase the income and also manages the intricacies of billing and coding. They enhance the proficiency of the practice by decreasing any chances of errors in billing as well as create claims that are clearer. This helps the providers and practitioners to have more time in which they can cater to the patients and helps in growing the pool of sated patients.

The platform also incorporates a database for the patients which helps the practice in weeding outpatients who aren’t active or regular anymore. Consequently, the software also helps the practice or clinics to communicate with the patients about filling their schedules, providing good care for the patients, and improving the revenues.

The vendor also provides practitioners with the proper tools to help create a bright reputation and image for the practice of eye care with the help of social media, electronic resources, online feedback, and a functional website that transfers the traffic of the clinic to clients. Lastly, it contains tools for the management of finances and partnerships that assist with the growth and investment of the practice.

MyCare Pricing

Pricing is not openly shared by the vendor. You can request a quote by clicking on the ‘get pricing’ button. There is a free demo available.

Software Support

It offers business hours support.


The software offers specialty EHR services for optical labs and practices.


The toolbox can be limited making management slightly bothersome.

MyCare EHR Suite by Eye Care Leaders reviews

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Intuitive EMR Software - Highly Recommended

October 2021

Martin Jackson

[email protected]

Its very simple to use MyCare EMR, and the coding engine of Integrity EMR is very powerful. As a Neuro-ophthalmologist, I need a simple and quick way to document an arduous motility and alignment exam as well as any meds prescribed. Integriview brings all your imaging (CT, MRI, X-Ray, ultrasounds, photos and more) together in one place and is available with a single click of a button. That means you can focus on the most important part: patient care. In summary, Integrity EMR is the best EMR I have used for Ophthalmology. When it comes to making the right diagnosis, this is one of the best EMRs around. Its advanced imaging tools stitch together high-quality images better than anything else on the market. Modifiers allow instant comparisons to historic images, which makes it easy for all members of your team to compare symptoms and outcomes.
There is still a minor bug with the latest version: After an update, the software becomes slow for a few days. If you have problems with the internet, you cant update the software.

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Call us at

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