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NephroChoice is a HIPAA-compliant iSalus solution that is focused on nephrology practice management. This EHR software helps ease the workload of nephrology OPD by pinpointing patients for dialysis. It helps in managing visits, hospital rounds, appointments, and dialysis schedules. NephroChoice software is a cloud-based SAAS platform available for IOS, Android, and web-based devices.  

NephroChoice EHR provides a customizable patient dashboard. You can track your patients and their progress through charts in any location. It allows secure communication and e-prescription. You can get different tools for Product Life Cycle management through a comprehensive platform. The practice management tools help in improving healthcare services and patient satisfaction. NephroChoice is suitable for all sizes of nephrology practitioners. 

NephroChoice Software Key Features 

Dialysis Reporting and Rounding 

Nephro Choice offers Dialysis reporting and helps you identify the patients for dialysis. It makes sure that the patients have met their 4 visit threshold. It allows you to schedule and track dialysis rounds. You can easily monitor patient progress through integrated monthly reminders. 

EHR File Management 

This software helps you streamline patient management through customized patient profiles. You can add digital and diagnostic patient images to the EHR and EMR. A user-friendly scheduler keeps your appointments on track. NephroChoice EMR provides custom templates to help document nephrology procedures. 

Integrated Lab Reports 

You can easily view patient lab results through mobile imaging, graphing, and charting. This helps in analyzing trends in patient improvement for proper healthcare service. The integrated lab features allow easy results and seamless billing. 

Electronic Remittance Advice 

You can easily receive ERA for each patient with NephroChoice EHR. This software does automated patient eligibility verification on your behalf. You can use the revenue safety net feature to ensure finance management. It provides complete transparency in reviewing claim submissions.  

NephroChoice Pricing 

Nephro Choice offers three comprehensive packages: 

Standard Package: $149/provider/per month  

Premium Package: $299/provider/per month  

Platinum Package: Not available 

Software Demo 

Luckily, Nephro Choice Software offers a free trial to all new users. You can request a demo of the software by contacting the vendor. It does not facilitate any free version. Nephro Choice iSalus provides training through documentation, Webinars, Live Meetings, and 24/7 support.  


Many contented users have rated this software generously. You can find many high ratings and reviews about Nephro Choice EMR on different websites. You can easily perform non-emergent and follow-up appointments with telehealth visits. The reputation management tools help you increase your patients and build a better practice environment. You can find more positive reviews about NephroChoice software in our Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts

NephroChoice EMR is a cloud-based telehealth solution for nephrology service providers and patients. You can easily access patient lab vitals through a comprehensive interactive single screen. This comprehensive software provides Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, Electronic Payments, E-prescriptions, and MIPS reporting, which makes it a complete nephrology package.

NephroChoice Software Pricing

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NephroChoice Software reviews

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NephroChoice: The best choice we made for our practice!

October 2022

Ritu B.

Medical Practice

What we really enjoy with NephroChoice is how easy it is to navigate and customize. It is unique in that it lets practices with more than one provider work with a single provider at a very reasonable cost.
There are a few features of the program that are annoying, such as the inability to erase incorrectly created charts and unused accounts.

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