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The ONC-ATCB certified Objective Medical Systems (OMS) EHR is a Meaningful Use compliant on-premise medical software designed for cardiology practices. The service is designed for mid-sized and large practices. Electronic health records, patient scheduling, e-prescribing, cardiovascular diagnostic reports, and lab integration are essential features. 

OMS EHR uses a Framingham Scorecard to assess patient risk. Clinical decision support is also available for clinical history, allergy checks, medication, demography, and labs. Invasive cardiology is also provided, allowing practitioners to manage cath lab reporting using 3D heart imaging. Traditional typing, e-Ink, handwriting recognition, voice transcription, and cardiology-specific templates are all supported. 

OMS EHR Software Key Features  

Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM) 

By providing comprehensive Bluetooth Enabled devices (BP Monitor, Weight Scale, etc.), the OMS platform supports patients' Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM). This service offers tremendous flexibility in managing patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart failure, and atrial fibrillation. 


ePrescribing is a feature of the OMS EMR that allows physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to generate, transmit, and file patient prescriptions electronically. Medical providers can send prescriptions with a single click regardless of their location. Moreover, this feature is beneficial for patients because they can receive medication from the comfort of their homes.  

Principal Care Management (PCM)  

The OMS Platform provides a comprehensive workflow, documentation, and billing solution to support patient Principal Care Management (PCM). In addition, patients can receive the PCM answer in conjunction with Remote Patient Monitoring. This combined offering has the potential to improve patient care while also increasing practice earnings. 

OMS EHR Software Cost  

The software does not share its pricing model publicly. Unfortunately, this is a common practice among medical systems companies. You can, however, contact the vendor directly to get an estimate for your practice.  

Software Demo  

Are you unsure if OMS Medical software is right for you? Don't worry; the firm offers a free demo. It allows you to test the system in a live environment and learn about its features. You can also assess whether the software meets your requirements. 


Medical system OMS EHR reviews are generally positive, indicating that users are satisfied with the product offerings. You can read the detailed pros and cons below. Or you can share your experience with us if you are an OMS EHR user.  

Our Thoughts  

Objective Medical Systems is a cardiovascular information system that provides structured reporting across all diagnostic modalities for busy cardiology practices or hospital service lines. You can schedule a demo to explore the system in detail.  

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