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OpenClinica is a cloud-based electronic data capture and data management solution for streamlining clinical workflow. It is the driving force and the future of optimized clinical trials. CROs, academic institutions, government agencies, biotech companies, and pharmaceutical companies can use this compact clinical data management tool. 

Medical organizations can label drug kits, create numerous treatment groups, and sort trial lists. 

OpenClinica includes EHR eSource integration and is HIPAA compliant. What’s more, it offers a comprehensive dashboard to track the progress of ongoing trials, review site activities, and perform data import and export. 

Key Features

EHR eSource Integration 

Supporting clinical research, OpenClinica software supports single-click data transfer from EMR solutions into the research database. This reduces the pressure on researchers, streamlines data entry, and improves data quality. 

In other words, OpenClinica acts as a bridge between EHRs and clinical research centers, adding value to healthcare services. Also, OpenClinica eliminates the need for source data validation and populates trial case reports directly into the EMR in a compliant manner.

ePRO Module 

Electronic patient-reported outcomes are one of the unprecedented features of OpenClinica. It makes getting data from patients easier, so they can efficiently contribute to their trials. The ePRO solution works seamlessly on any device and thus strengthens patient engagement. 

The zero-friction approach, devoid of any installations and downloads, adds value to patient trials. Data managers can also use this fully integrated service by OpenClinica Enterprise for form creation within the ePRO module. All this improves clinical data analysis. 

Electronic Data Capture 

Clinician research is solely based on data gathered, and OpenClinica understands there’s no room for misinterpretation. It supports studies with its built-in EDC service, taking clinical data management to new heights. The software collects data faster, focusing on its validity. 

The APIs of OpenClinica software connect with the client's existing systems, making it possible to import data in batches. The vendor follows the build, capture, review, and publish approach, giving researchers full control over their data. Verifying data against set sources is also possible for the OpenClinica community. 

OpenClinica Pricing 

Want to explore the pricing structure of OpenClinica? Contact the OpenClinica solution directly or click the "Get Pricing Button," as the vendor has not disclosed its pricing structure. 

OpenClinica Demo 

Set up a demo to get a taste of OpenClinica before making substantial investments. The demo will take you through all the intuitive functionalities that OpenClinica has packed for you. 

OpenClinica Reviews 

The top-rated functionality in OpenClinica reviews is its field-based monitors, accessible from mobile devices. Reviews illustrate that OpenClinica features enhanced bar and graph visualizations for operational data. Additionally, it conducts effective reports featuring real-time actionable insights. But there’s more to explore. Find the reviews section below to learn more about OpenClinica. 

Our Thoughts 

OpenClinica is destined to meet the advanced needs of the healthcare community. Its next-generation tools like EDC, RTSM, and DCTs discover valuable insights by supporting clinical research. Providing researchers full control over their studies, this solution shines brightly in the medical industry. In addition, OpenClinica enterprise stands out because of its drag-and-drop editing, audit logs, custom permissions, form rearrangements, and API-based connectivity. 

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