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Practice Director is an integrated EHR and practice management system designed specifically for eye care practices. The application combines patient scheduling, medical billing, accounting, and picture archiving modules in a unified portal. It features a powerful electronic prescribing solution that helps users qualify for the government's e-prescribing and EHR incentives. 

The digital platform includes document management, drawing tools, image management, real-time messaging, and auto-scoring functionalities. It offers end-to-end solutions to reduce medication errors and improve the quality of patient care. Practitioners have easy access to advanced security tools that let them control who can see what information, stop data breaches, and keep sensitive patient information safe from people who shouldn't see it. 

In addition, Practice Director EHR automates tedious workflow processes to increase managerial productivity and practice efficiency. It employs cutting-edge technology to eliminate handwriting errors, double entries, archaic versions of record-keeping, and manual data entry. With its advanced billing tools and streamlined financial reporting, eye care practices can also maximize their chances of making money. 

Key Features 

Electronic Prescribing 

The app’s powerful e-prescribing solution empowers ophthalmologists to review, renew, and refill prescriptions for multiple patients using a centralized interface. It enables follow-up notifications, electronic documentation, and automated dosage reminders to reduce prescribing errors. Providers can also get alerts for potential drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy interactions.


Third-party apps can be integrated into Practice Director EHR Software to simplify documentation charting. It allows users to connect with multiple specialists, pharmacists, lab technicians, and staff members. Doctors can also send and receive communication invites for enhanced collaboration and streamlined treatment discussions. 

Reporting and Analytics

Eye care specialists can capitalize on growth opportunities using the software’s built-in reporting solutions. The application allows users to track employee compensations, inventory, individual patient payment records, profits, and business growth. Moreover, they can view integrated analytics to create accurate payroll and invoicing statements.

Practice Director Pricing 

Monthly and annual subscriptions are available for Practice Director EHR Software. However, the exact details of the vendor’s subscription plans have not been disclosed publicly. 

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Practice Director Demo 

Click the "Watch Demo" button on this page to schedule an online demonstration of the app’s key functions and capabilities. The comprehensive Practice Director software demo will give you a visual tour of the product’s key features and demonstrate how it will be the right fit for your eye care practice. 

Practice Director Reviews 

Practice Director EHR Software has received positive ratings. Its flexible user interface, practice management solutions, and ease of use have impressed many reviewers. 

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Our Thoughts

Practice Director is comprehensive medical software that helps eye care practices automate day-to-day administrative processes, protect sensitive information, and prevent medication errors. Overall, it is a feature-rich software platform, but we recommend you evaluate the system’s demo version before investing in it.

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