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Report Master is a well-known chiropractic report-writing software program for chiropractors and other healthcare professionals. The software solution provides daily SOAP notes in detail, as well as initial, intermediate, and final narratives. Report Master enables practitioners to quickly and easily create detailed narrative reports for their patients' care documentation. Report Master is an easy-to-use, fast, and accurate piece of software. 

Report Master is on-premise report writing software that assists chiropractors in maintaining patient histories, performing examinations, and developing care plans, among other centralized operations. Patients can register a pain scale, frequency, and intensity across multiple symptoms using its subjective complaints functionality. 

The software is designed primarily for chiropractors who want to provide the most compliant and accurate documentation possible. Report Master is a report generator, not a complete office system. 

Key Features 

SOAP and Narrative Reports  

Report Master has set high standards for dependable documentation. Even if you create a note on the same patient for the same visit a hundred times in the "Daily Notes" module, no two reports will ever look the same. The key components of the "Narrative Report" module are also randomized. 

Time Saving 

Report Master is extremely fast and adaptable, producing high-quality, detailed reports and daily notes. We've discovered that many of our clients use the same information repeatedly. Report Master allows you to simply type in your own words, sentences, and paragraphs. Instead of having to retype specific words over and over, you'll only need to click a couple of buttons to include those terms in your report. 

Patient Records Management  

To manage patient records, simply point and click on the various objects on the computer screen that correspond to that specific patient's subjective statements, objective results, treatment options, x-ray findings, and so on. The software takes care of the rest. The generated reports and notes appear to have taken a significant amount of time to type. The reports and notes include comprehensive, grammatically correct sentences that are both easy to read and fully express what practitioners have done and plan to do with the patient. 

Report Master Software Pricing 

The software costs a one-time subscription fee per practitioner. Click on the "Get Pricing" tab to view the subscription plan's pricing details. 

Report Master Software Demo 

The vendor provides no free trial or free plan options for the software. To evaluate the software's functionality for your practice, you can sign up for a live Report Master demo. After viewing the Report Master demo, you will be able to make an informed decision about purchasing the product. 

To view the software demo in real-time, click the "Get Demo" tab. 

Report Master Software Reviews 

Report Master Software received numerous positive reviews from its reviewers. Users liked the software because of its detailed, informative reports, simple interface, and user-friendly customization. The generation of SOAP notes and reports is extremely fast, and the reports are extremely efficient and professional. The technical support is excellent. However, the paperwork provided to patients to fill out is difficult to understand, with very small print and a plethora of boxes that appear disorganized. Users are confused by the multiple tabs in the report master module. 

Our Thoughts 

The Report Master is comprehensive chiropractic report writing software. It includes features like automatic scheduling, reporting, SOAP notes, and more. Because of its simple point-and-click interface, the software is one of the most basic but comprehensive applications for quick and easy patient documentation.

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