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Rymedi Health is HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based medical diagnostic software that streamlines healthcare performance. It improves your overall patient connection and communication. The software offers limitless synchronization with different EHRs and EMRs. It is specifically designed for CLIA laboratories, universities, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, and existing laboratory enterprises. The Compliance track allows you to monitor business operations. It provides easy regulatory tracking for mitigating rules and permissions. Integrated Calendar and Time Management Sheets allow appointment scheduling and reminders. You can send reminders to patients and notifications to other team members. 

This SaaS software is compatible with all desktop, Chromebook, Mac, Windows, and web-based devices. Rymedi provides disease testing and monitoring for follow-ups. It offers real-time dashboard analysis for quick results and reduced testing times. You can perform mass testing with minimal staff. 

Key Features 

Personalized Precision Health 

It removes the paper burden and allows virtual communication. Physician authorization offers one-click solutions. There are specific COVID-19 testing dashboards for rapid results and a quick turnover rate. It identifies exposure according to CDC guidelines. Document management provides easy file-sharing and data management features. It offers complete Hepatitis C management and patient registration. 

Improved Clinical Diagnostics 

APIs enable you to perform immutable audit trails and gain simple interoperability.HL7 1.74 and 2.5.1 standard compliance automates state reporting. Real-time monitoring and reporting improve CRM. More than 2,000 diagnostic tests allow easy disease management. You can overlay your US or LIMS with the present platform. You can simplify lab management and report sharing through different modern dashboards. 

Patient-Centered Solutions 

Rymedi Software has a self-service portal specifically for patients. You can connect with patients through different communication channels. The portal allows for personalization and remote appointment booking. It improves patient lifecycle management through advanced interoperability. Patient engagement tools for easy patient management and a frictionless customer experience 

Rymedi Software Pricing 

Rymedi pricing is not available to the public. For a detailed overview of the Rymedi cost and its pricing plans, click on the "Get Pricing" button. 

Rymedi Software Demo 

The free version of the software is unavailable. It does not provide a free trial of the software. For a detailed Rymedi demo, you can click on the "Watch Demo" button. The software provides training to all users through webinars, documentation, phone support, email, help desks, and phone  

Rymedi Software Reviews 

The software has been used worldwide for easy patient management and EHR improvement. All users have given the software five stars. It provides adaptable workflows and tech-enabled services for end-to-end patient solutions. For more Rymedi reviews and user feedback, you can look at the Reviews Section.  

Our Thoughts 

Rymedi Platform is a GDPR-regulated web-based medical digital transformation software that increases revenue and mitigates risk management for healthcare departments. It has a secure ID login and a secure blockchain architecture with a double helix. It is the ideal medical software due to third-party integrations and the no-lock in effect.  

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