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What Is SimpleLTC? 


SimpleLTC is a cloud-based healthcare technology platform designed to help providers efficiently manage long-term care operations. It offers solutions for clinical, financial, and quality management to help streamline workflow, increase regulatory compliance, and improve patient outcomes. 

SimpleLTC provides an integrated EHR system that captures all the data in long-term care settings and securely stores it in the cloud. The system includes various features that allow staff to track patient progress and monitor their care plans over time. 

What Is SimpleLTC Best For? 

SimpleLTC is known for its tools that help healthcare providers audit the diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia in the MDC (Medicare Diagnostic Coding) system. The software uses a comprehensive library of codes and clinical models to enable accurate and efficient auditing. 

SimpleLTC Pricing 

The following are SimpleLTC pricing tiers: 

  • MDS+PBJ Analytics and Submission: Starts at $109/month 
  • SimpleAnalyzer Pro Suite: Starts at $299/month 
  • SimpleAnalyzer Pro Suite Plus+: Starts at $499/month 
  • State Analytics and QMs: Starts at $29/month 

You can choose a SimpleLTC subscription plan based on your requirements. Click the Get Pricing button now for more details. 

SimpleLTC Integrations 

SimpleLTC collaborates with different third-party applications to guarantee that providers can exchange data with other clinical systems, scrubbers, analyzers, and quality enhancement tools. 

It can integrate with the following third-party apps: 

  • Abaqis 
  • WellSky 
  • Collain HealthCare 
  • FoQIS 
  • Prime Care Technologies 

How Does SimpleLTC Work? 

Here's how you can get started with SimpleLTC software

  1. Create an account and log in 
  2. Select the forms that are relevant to your facility, such as patient registration and billing information 
  3. Customize the dashboard and set up other settings to adjust the interface according to your preferences 
  4. Start using the software and manage your operations more efficiently 

Still perplexed? Click the Watch Demo button to see SimpleLTC in live action. 

Who Is SimpleLTC For? 

SimpleLTC provides various tools and solutions for long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes and assisted living centers. Typical users of SimpleLTC are healthcare professionals and administrators who work in long-term care, such as nurses, therapists, and other care providers. 

It is used in: 

  • SNFs (skilled nursing facilities) 
  • Nursing homes 
  • Long-term care facilities 
  • Rehab facilities 

SimpleLTC Features 

  • Diagnoses And IDC Coding 
    Examine current medical conditions to ensure that healthcare guidelines are followed and increase financial compensation. Keep a record of additional health issues for each patient and their duration of hospitalization. Review the primary diagnoses, connected medical categories, and NTA and SLP comorbidities, and confirm if surgical eligibility diagnoses are accurate. Oversee the coding and MDS process to ensure effective communication and training among staff. 
  • PDPM Toolkit 
    SimpleLTC software offers a comprehensive PDPM (Patient-Driven Payment Model) toolkit that simplifies the reimbursement process for providers. The toolkit includes a set of reports to help healthcare organizations stay compliant with regulations. It helps providers understand the data points needed to calculate payment accuracy, streamline the documenting process, and reduce manual errors. It also provides a range of reports to help providers monitor their performance against other facilities and benchmarks. 
  • Reimbursement Optimization 
    SimpleLTC software offers reimbursement optimization tools to help healthcare providers maximize their Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements. To ensure accuracy and compliance, these tools maintain regulatory compliance for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). It allows providers to accurately calculate payments, identify areas of potential savings, optimize billing processes, and get more out of their resources. 
  • Five-Start Planner 
    SimpleLTC software provides an interactive Five-Star Planner to assess changes in your performance regarding health inspection, quality, and staffing. You can determine the maximum allowed deficiency points for your next survey, review past deficiencies from the last three cycles, and identify residents who may be at high risk. The Five-Star Planner also lets you monitor quality measures in real-time and analyze resident-level details to identify areas of opportunity with the help of color-coded alerts and hypothetical scenarios. 
  • Multi-Facility Management 
    SimpleLTC software provides a comprehensive multi-facility management solution that simplifies operations and streamlines workflows for healthcare organizations with multiple locations. The platform allows administrators to easily manage all aspects of their facilities, from patient scheduling and billing to tracking care quality and outcomes.  

Is SimpleLTC Right For You? 

SimpleLTC is a long-term care software that simplifies workflow management and improves reimbursement for rehab facilities. It allows healthcare facilities to maintain real-time quality measures and reduce data errors. Moreover, it can be used to create survey reports and MDS audits while complying with the Medicare Advantage Regulation. 

SimpleLTC creates valuable analysis for your medical businesses based on data accumulated by the system. Moreover, it maintains your Five-Star quality measures with a separate toolkit that helps you address health inspection and staffing queries. 

Check out the latest SimpleLTC reviews and find out what other users think about the software's features and functionality. 

SimpleLTC Pricing  

    Analytics &
  • SimpleAnalyzer
    Pro Suite
  • SimpleAnalyzer
    ProSuite Plus+
  • State Analytics
    & QMs
109 / month
299 / month
499 / month
29 / month
What’s included
(Plan Features)
What’s included
(Plan Features)
What’s included
(Plan Features)
What’s included
(Plan Features)
  • MDS scrubber module
  • Five-Star interactive planner
  • Quality measures module
  • Health inspection analytics
  • PDPM toolkit
  • Rehospitalization metrics
  • MDS submission to CMS
  • Unlimited report/file storage
  • CASPER report center
  • Batch auto-transmitter
  • Multi-facility management
  • User admin center
  • MDS workflow manager
  • API connectivity
  • MDS submission to CMS
  • Unlimited report/file storage
  • CASPER report center
  • Batch auto-transmitter
  • Scrub for errors
  • Identify PBJ audit risks
  • See Five-Star hours/resident day
  • Evaluate provider performance
  • Identify risk areas in real-time
  • Develop a data-driven strategy
  • Conduct internal/external audits
  • Benchmark MA performance
  • Measure by acuity/insurance plan
  • Improve rates and outcomes
  • Improve plan negotiations
  • Create your final PBJ report
  • Submit PBJ report directly to CMS
  • Advanced Texas Medicaid analytics
  • Analytics dashboard
  • MESAV analyzer
  • PASRR forms
  • 3618/3619 forms
  • LTCMI forms
  • MCO notifications
  • View QIPP calculations and payments
  • Analyze QIPP metrics and performance
  • Compare targets, baselines, and national averages

For more details about SimpleLTC pricing plans, click the Get Pricing option. The subscription plans are customized based on the size of your practice or the number of products you opt for.  

SimpleLTC Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Less risk of errors or missing information with accurate data analytics
  • Compliant with federal and state regulations


  • Extensive training is required to use it effectively

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does SimpleLTC Software cost?

SimpleLTC software offers different subscription plans. Click on Get Pricing for a customized pricing plan for your medical practice.

Is SimpleLTC Software cloud-based?

Yes, SimpleLTC is a cloud-based platform.

What are the main features of SimpleLTC Software?

SimpleLTC offers features for IDC coding, quality measure management, and a Five-Star Planner. It also provides features to run quality measure reports and increase reimbursements.

What level of support does SimpleLTC Software offer?

These are the support options offered by SimpleLTC: knowledge base, call, and email.

Who are the main users of SimpleLTC?

SimpleLTC is used in long-term care centers, medical billing companies, and rehabilitation centers. Practice managers and clinical staff use it to manage healthcare workflows.

SimpleLTC Software Pricing

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SimpleLTC Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


Overall satisfied

May 2023

Kara L.

Health and Wellness

I am completely content with the program and extremely pleased! I appreciate the convenience of accessing our reports and completing all of my transmissions on one website. Overall, I am very satisfied!

User-friendly Software

March 2023

Jessica M.

Medical Office

The program for the transmission process and reporting is very user-friendly. It is almost the best one I have used!

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