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SpindleX is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool for reporting stress X-Rays of the spine. It automates the process of labeling vertebral columns, calculates baseline angles, checks for convergence, and identifies 10+ early spine deterioration disorders. It also assesses the loss of motion segment integrity by providing precise translational motion measurement. Radiologists can use this tool to automate routine procedures and focus on developing a better treatment strategy. 

The software detects and categorizes a variety of spinal impairment indicators, such as baseline angles, sagittal rotation, irregularities of vertebral motion segments, and convergence of baselines, which indicates biomechanical dysfunction caused by ligament injury. 

It also computes translational motion and evaluates the degree of segment integrity and motion loss. The results can be utilized to determine the best course of action, and whether surgical intervention is necessary. 

SpindleX EMR includes an interactive user interface and ready-to-use reporting templates that may be tailored to individual radiologists' needs. It assists radiologists in providing comprehensive, quantitative measures along with generating concise reports. 

Key Features 


Radiolens is an AI-enabled PACS radiology workflow tool that improves diagnostic processes by recognizing low-quality images and generating early reports for some of the most employed modalities. It also allows clinical cooperation, workflow efficiency, and well-informed decision-making.

Time Saving 

With Quantification, you may create objective reports for clear communication and track illness development. It provides radiologists more time to focus on clinical correlation by automating tedious and onerous activities. The specific location and number of pathologies are automatically calculated and shown to the user.


Improve your reporting turnaround time by getting quick diagnoses or second reads. With this feature, you can also improve your radiology service by utilizing prominent teleradiologists from across the world to assist with preliminary and secondary reads. You can get the right interpretation for all imaging modalities, which results in improved patient care and satisfaction.

SpindleX EHR Pricing 

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SpindleX EHR Demo 

A free trial or free version of the SpindleX Software is not available for the users. However, you can book a SpindleX demo to make an informed decision about its viability for your medical practice. 

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SpindleX Software Reviews 

According to the reviewers, the comprehensive 'Teleradiology' function aids in speedy diagnostic and reporting time. Users believe that the software solution allows them to shorten their regular case queues. Moreover, it provides in-depth coverage of multiple scenarios and sub-specialty features. It also reduces reaction time for essential situations and allows you to focus more effectively on high-risk instances. Accurate and fast reports aid in the immediate start of your patient's treatment. The customer service is not up-to-the-mark, since the software updates are reported to be slow.

Our Thoughts 

SpindleX EMR is an excellent tool for radiologists to automate the processes of report generation for stress X-rays of the spine. It automatically detects crucial morphological traits and properly segments vertebral bodies to speed up reporting procedure.

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