StaffReady grants the healthcare community entry to its workforce management platform - a cloud-based system featuring integrated modules for automating staff scheduling, competency assessment tracking, document control, and checklist management. With white-glove, wraparound services, StaffReady delivers access to top-tier solutions, optimizing the transformation of healthcare operations.

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What Is StaffReady?


StaffReady serves as a cloud-based clinical workforce management tool. It helps healthcare organizations streamline scheduling, policy documentation, e-signature control, task monitoring, competency assessment tracking and reporting responsibilities. This application, compatible with both PCs and iPads, allows managerial staff in healthcare settings to automate various HR processes. Moreover, StaffReady software enables organizations to formulate long-term schedules with continual updates.

What Is StaffReady Best For?

A standout feature of StaffReady software is its empowerment of employees to seamlessly access calendars and efficiently manage time-off requests, fostering transparency within the organization. This functionality allows supervisors the flexibility to review, approve, deny, or customize leave requests, aligning with the dynamic needs of the team or organization during the specified period and organizing staff schedules.

StaffReady Pricing

The StaffReady cost is flexible as it varies based on the size, type and requirements of a practice. Contact us for custom pricing plans today.

StaffReady Integrations

Information regarding its third-party integration is not available.

How Does StaffReady Work?

Here's how you can make use of the software's features:

  • Login and access the dashboard
  • Enter patient information and create folders
  • Use the intuitive calendar to streamline the scheduling process
  • Manage leaves, check-ins and check-outs with employee scheduling
  • Generate and modify documents, submit them for approval, and review them from any location at any time
  • Ensure your employees receive comprehensive training and keep track of training records
  • Utilize the web portal listing checklist to monitor the progress and status of tasks
You can also schedule a free StaffReady demo to get an insight into the software's capabilities.

Who Is StaffReady For?

StaffReady software caters to healthcare organizations of all sizes. It is typically used by:

  • Clinics
  • Solo practitioners
  • Hospital systems
  • Auditors
  • Billers

Is StaffReady Right For You?

Are you looking for a software to manage your staff scheduling process and streamline clinical workforce management? If so, StaffReady could be the ideal fit for your organization.

It has been designed for individuals engaged in clinical crew management, encompassing competency assessment and personal document control, the system enables managers to oversee work hours and leave times using a Mac, Chromebook, Linux, or Windows PC. It facilitates the creation of intricate rosters with variable shifts and allows manual implementation of skill and demand-based scheduling.

Still not sure if StaffReadty software is the right option for your organization? Contact us at (661) 384-7070, and our expert team will help you make an informed decision.

StaffReady Software Features

StaffReady eliminates the reliance on manual spreadsheets by introducing a mobile shift approach to simplify the scheduling process. Managers can seamlessly approve leave requests through the StaffReady app on their mobile devices. The software facilitates transparent and skill-based scheduling through diverse automated creation tools.

The StaffReady app equips users with technologically advanced checklists, extending to cover laboratory and medication checklists. These checklists are easily adaptable for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual tasks. Clients have the flexibility to update task statuses on the checklists, enhancing overall task management. Administrators can review these checklists for comprehensive task quality assurance.

Staff members can review and track documents via the document revision dashboard, supporting all file types. Managers retain the authority to grant or deny editing access to employees, and clients can monitor changes through version history, effectively eliminating the need for paperwork.

A notable feature of StaffReady software is its competency program, where the vendor conducts assessments to ensure optimal employee performance. Leveraging clinical content, the system creates checklists and quizzes that meet CLIA requirements and withstand inspection audits. This centralized system automates competency trials, enhancing staff efficiency.

Achieving significant economies of scale, ScheduleReady minimizes double-entry tasks, ensuring swift completion of staff scheduling, policy and procedure management, and the coordination, storage, and distribution of training and assessments. All modules are conveniently hosted online, offering 24/7 access through portals for all staff members.

InspectionReady instills confidence in management by ensuring preparedness for inspections, providing real-time status monitoring, and incorporating soft AI features that offer alerts, flags, and notifications to optimize inspection readiness. InspectionReady is accessible online through portals, ensuring continuous 24/7 access for all staff members.

Pros and Cons of StaffReady Software


  • Offers integrated modules to automate staff scheduling
  • Efficient document control and e-signatures
  • Checklists to enhance task management
  • An integrated web portal for streamlined communication


  • Could be a bit pricey for smaller practices, according to some StaffReady reviews
  • Using a personal device to schedule can be a bit complex at times

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