SuperEMR is an easy-to-use, cloud-based medical solution designed for smaller practices. It helps collect and store patient information, such as encounters, medications, lab results, and DICOM images, in a single, certified, compliant database. The system is designed for hassle-free use with minimal data entry by practitioners and administrative staff. It can be used in specialties such as cardiology, family medicine, pediatrics, and internal medicine. 

Super EMR is designed to create an effortless experience, with daily automatic data backups and the option of an additional backup server for extra assurance. It offers a paperless environment for imaging centers with its proprietary DICOM viewer and the ability to integrate with various image types (CT, MRI, ultrasound, and x-ray). SuperEMR is the ideal solution for practices with five or fewer doctors.

Key Features 

Patient Portal 

The solution offers a patient portal to view their medical records and access appointment schedules and billing information. They can also receive emails regarding appointments or prescription refills. Plus, the patient portal is available in multiple languages. 

e-Prescribing and Reporting 

SuperEMR offers e-prescribing, which enables doctors to send prescriptions directly to a pharmacy electronically. This helps reduce mistakes caused by manual entry and helps lower costs. The solution also offers a variety of reporting options, including medical history reports and quality reports for easy review by providers. 

Practice Management 

SuperEMR streamlines practice management by providing tools to track appointments, bill patients, and provide patient education. It also has a built-in scheduler that allows providers to keep track of their appointments. 

Billing and Invoicing 

The software provides billing and invoicing options that allow users to manage payments and insurance claims electronically. It also offers a variety of payment options and allows for custom billing rules. Plus, the system is Meaningful Use Stage 1 compliant. 

SuperEMR Pricing 

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SuperEMR Demo

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SuperEMR Reviews

The software has received positive reviews, with users praising its easy-to-use interface, automated backups, and reliable support. The software has been highly rated for its security measures to protect patient data. Users also appreciated the variety of reports and customizable options, which made it easy to tailor SuperEMR to meet their specific needs. You can read more SuperEMR reviews in our Reviews Section.

Our Thoughts 

SuperEMR software helps to streamline the work process, making it easier and faster to store and access patient data. Plus, the system is easy to use, so even people who don't know much about computers can get around quickly. If you are looking for a medical solution designed for smaller practices, SuperEMR is worth considering. We recommend that you watch a live demo of the system and learn as much as you can about its features before making a decision.

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