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Uniwide HIMS is a hospital management platform that lets medical facilities manage clinical workflows using numerous modules including inventory, accounting, payroll, pharmacy, laboratory, and everything a facility needs to manage the hospital or practices. The tool has a clean dashboard that is easily understandable by the workforce. Uniwide HIMS has empowered facility employees to track all activities carried out in various departments, i.e., access patient data. 

Uniwide HIMS software automates all aspects of a medical facility’s functionalities. The features included are in-patient management, accounting integration, out-patient management, patient records management, inventory management, and much more. This helps both the providers and the patients in finding the necessary medical record and data in less than a minute. The software helps hospital administrators, doctors, and other staff to keep track of everything performed in the various departments of the hospital. 

uniwide HIMS Software Key Features 

In-patient Management System 

Uniwide’s HIMS is a complete management system that let users generate electronic claims and billing statements for in-patients of the facility. This includes claims based on patient encounters. Staff can assign beds, consultant visitor entry, record patients’ clinical data, create a financial setup, and much more. This in-patient management system helps out providers in an efficient way.  

Pharmacy with Inventory 

Everything gets streamlined in the medical facility with the software. The system also contains an inventory database of all pharmacy products so users can easily track what went where if needed. The pharmacy module manages the retail sale of medicines to OPD patients and the issuance of medicines to the in-patients in the hospital. 

Staff Payroll & Billing System 

HIMS software allows management to oversee and manage the staff payroll, salary register, leave register, payslips, overtime report, and much more. The module also maintains a record of all employees, and use the data for the organization’s need. based on unpaid holidays, and everything else in the intuitive dashboard. 

uniwide HIMS Software Pricing 

Uniwide HIMS price is a one-time fee of $6944/-. Details have not been provided. The package comes with different management platforms like  IPD, OPD, warehouse management, and more.  

Software Demo 

HIMS software does not offer a free demo. You can contact them through their website for more information. 


Uniwide HIMS reviews indicate the extremely good analytical ability of the software. Most reviews highlight key features like complete medical facility analysis, competitive features of this robust EMR, inventory control, and more. Other HIMS reviews complimented the interface of the software. Read more reviews in the section below.  

Our Thoughts 

The software saves time and improves the hospital management workflow in a streamlined manner. The HIMS product review also highlights that the hospital information system is useful for nursing homes, medical centers, and hospitals to digitize their activity and systematically streamlined all departmental processes. Providers can easily track patient historical data and medical reports with a single click. The software also assists users to measure their end goals for the day. 

uniwide HIMS Software Pricing

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uniwide HIMS Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


The best hospital system for all sizes.

August 2019

Caren J.

Public Health officer

This system is designed to be user-friendly for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers. They can use it to check their schedule and keep accurate records of their patients.
The BI dashboard does not provide the expected level of information. Furthermore, the graphs representation is somewhat complicated to comprehend.

Hospital Managements

July 2019

Victor O.

Medical Practice

This system is highly versatile and user-friendly. It can operate seamlessly across various locations within the organization.
The system has been functioning well and we have not encountered any issues thus far.

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