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Optimize your healthcare administration using Uniwide HIMS software. Tailored to improve the efficiency of medical facilities, Uniwide empowers healthcare providers to oversee both in-patient and out-patient management, streamline pharmacy operations, and effectively manage staff payroll and billing processes. Explore the transformative potential of Uniwide HIMS for your healthcare practice.

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What Is Uniwide HIMS?


Uniwide HIMS is a comprehensive hospital management software enabling medical facilities to oversee clinical workflows through diverse modules such as inventory, accounting, payroll, pharmacy, laboratory, and more. The platform features an intuitive dashboard, facilitating easy comprehension for the workforce. Uniwide HIMS has empowered facility employees to monitor activities across various departments, including accessing patient data.

Uniwide HIMS Pricing

The pricing for Uniwide HIMS software is determined by the size of your facility and the number of users. Request a personalized quote today.

Uniwide HIMS Integrations

There is no information available regarding the third-party integration of the software.

Who Is Uniwide HIMS For?

The web-based hospital software caters to healthcare organizations of all sizes. It is suitable for:

  • Hospitals
  • Private clinic
  • Nursing home
  • Medical centers
Watch Uniwide HIMS demo to learn more about its functionalities.

Is Uniwide HIMS Right For You?

Are you looking for a solution that saves time and enhances the efficiency of your hospital management workflow? If so, then you might want to consider Uniwide HIMS software. It is a valuable asset for nursing homes, medical centers, and hospitals seeking to digitize their operations.

This comprehensive hospital information system streamlines processes across all departments in a systematic way, providing a user-friendly platform. With the ability to track patient historical data and medical reports effortlessly, providers can achieve their daily goals with a simple click. Choose HIMS software for a seamless and digitized healthcare experience.

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uniwide HIMS Software Features

Uniwide enhances the efficiency of every aspect of medical center operations, featuring a comprehensive database of pharmaceutical products. This allows users to effectively monitor the inflow and outflow of inventory. The pharmacy module oversees the sale of medicines to OPD patients and manages the retail distribution of medications to in-patients within the hospital.

The HIMS software facilitates seamless management of staff payroll, salary register, leave register, payslips, overtime reports, and more. The module also records all employees, utilizing the data to meet the organization's requirements. The intuitive dashboard encompasses everything from unpaid holidays to other essential details.

The software enables users to generate electronic claims and billing statements for inpatients within the facility. This includes claims based on patient encounters. It allows staff to manage the department, process visitor entries, assign beds, manage patients' clinical data, establish financial setups, and more. This inpatient management system streamlines provider processes efficiently.

Uniwide HIMS software's appointment management feature is a pivotal tool that revolutionizes the scheduling process for healthcare facilities. This feature empowers users to efficiently manage and organize appointments, reducing the risk of double bookings and ensuring a streamlined workflow. With an intuitive interface, staff can easily schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Pros and Cons of uniwide HIMS Software


  • Streamlines clinical workflows to enhance efficiency
  • Appointment management to reduce no-shows
  • Billing and invoicing digitize and automates the financial aspects


  • The system lags due to infrequent updates
  • Customer support could be improved

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The primary users of Uniwide HIMS software are hospitals, nurses, medical organizations, etc.

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