Welligent Behavioral EHR Software

What is Welligent EHR Software? 


Welligent Behavioral EHR Software is an ONC-ATCB-certified cloud-based health IT solution that caters to substance abuse treatment providers, mental health centers, and other community-based behavioral institutes. Its key features include treatment planning, e-prescribing, scheduling, etc. 

The software provides a centralized platform to manage clinical programs, service delivery, clients, and billing in a single system. Using Welligent Electronic Health Records, users can get complete access to the practice data at any time of the day. Users can also bill third-party payers, including Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance, and local & state payers. In addition to that, the software is customizable and offers clinical programs, intake screens, and progress notes that can be configured to meet each practice’s unique needs. 

What is Welligent EHR best for? 

Welligent offers practice management features to help users manage patient calls, scheduling, and the front desk and billing features. It sends progress notes and billable events straight to the billing system as soon as they are done. 

Users can also request a Welligent EHR Demo to get a complete overview before incorporating it into their practice. The system works through an internet connection in a web browser. 

Other features include appointment scheduling, call tracking, alerts, reminders, and documentation. Additionally, Welligent project managers always work independently with each client during the implementation process to ensure that the system is set up to meet clients' unique needs. The Welligent EMR demo allows users to follow along and comprehend the product’s features. 

Welligent EHR Cost 

Welligent EHR software offers customizable pricing options so practices of all sizes can scale it across their clinical administration. Click on "Get Pricing" to get a Welligent EHR quote for your practice. 

How does Welligent EHR Work? 

Welligent EHR (Electronic Health Record) is a cloud-based platform that helps healthcare providers store and manage patient health information electronically. The platform provides features like appointment scheduling, patient registration, clinical documentation, prescription management, and lab integration to streamline clinical workflows and improve patient care. 

The data entered into the EHR is stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed by authorized users from any location with internet access. The system also lets healthcare providers share patient information with other healthcare providers and institutions if they need to. This is done to make sure that patients get the same care from different providers. 

Who is Welligent EHR for? 

The Welligent EHR is specifically designed for behavioral health practices. It helps users manage patient data, intake forms, schedule appointments, and manage medical bills. Welligent EHR software is commonly used in the following types of practices: 

  • Pediatrics 
  • Therapies 
  • Family Medicine 
  • Urgent Care 
  • Internal Medicine 
  • Women's Health 
  • Geriatrics 

Welligent EHR software works with a wide range of healthcare specialties, including, but not limited to: 

  • Mental Health 
  • Wellbeing 
  • Substance Use Treatment 
  • Child and Family 
  • I/DD and Autism 
  • Residential Services 
  • Other Human Services 

Welligent EHR Features 

  • Patient Portal 
    Welligent Connect facilitates easier collaboration between clients and clinicians in healthcare. This user-friendly patient portal is a component of the Welligent system, enabling clients to access their health information from anywhere. They can perform tasks like uploading documents, scheduling and canceling appointments, paying bills, requesting refills, communicating with the organization, viewing test results, and more. Welligent ensures higher client engagement and involvement, leading to improved health results.
  • Medical Billing 
    Get an overview of all your billing information in one place. The billing dashboard includes an interactive chart for easy viewing of billing information. You can set date ranges or categorize your data based on program, month, or payer to keep track of and manage your accounting details. Additionally, you can generate billing reports based on criteria such as adjustments, aging, claim details, services provided, and many others to view and report on the necessary data easily.
  • Telehealth 
    Welligent's platform for engaging patients, driven by CaredFor, offers the necessary tools and assistance for delivering top-notch care both in-person and virtually. The app features secure messaging and telehealth capabilities for responding to patient inquiries and providing care remotely, as well as appointment reminders to minimize cancellations for both virtual and in-person appointments. The app follows the HIPAA rules to the letter so that sensitive health information stays private.

How is Welligent EHR different from other software? 

The Welligent EHR offers various practice management features, including appointment scheduling, patient portals, and telehealth. In addition to its diverse features, the following functions make it stand out: 

User-friendly interface: The system has a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality and real-time data updates, making it easier for healthcare providers to use. 

Customizable templates: Welligent EHR provides customizable templates for documentation, that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a healthcare practice or medical specialty. 

Integration with health and wellness apps: The Welligent EHR integrates with other health and wellness apps and devices, enabling a more comprehensive view of a patient's health. 

Advanced security features: The system has advanced security features to protect the privacy of patients and the safety of their data. This makes sure that regulations like HIPAA are followed. 

Is Welligent EHR Right for You? 

Deciding whether Welligent EHR is the right option for you depends on your individual needs and requirements. The most important aspect when it comes to choosing a tool is to assess your needs. Find out what features and functions you need from an EHR system, like patient portals, scheduling appointments, and clinical documentation. 

You can also look into other available EHR options and compare them to Welligent EHR before making a final decision. Additionally, reading Wellignet EHR reviews will help you learn from the experiences of other users. 

By following these steps, you can determine whether Welligent EHR is the right option. It is important to choose a solution that meets your specific needs, is easy to use, and can improve your practice's overall efficiency. 

Welligent EHR Pricing

Electronic Health Record Patient Engagement
What’s included:
✔ Clinical Care Management
✔ Billing and RCM
✔ Surveys and Engagement
✔ Mobile App
✔ Patient Portal
What’s included:
✔ Virtual/In-Person Events
✔ Content Library
✔ Care Journeys
✔ Digital Interventions
✔ Surveys and Reports

Welligent Behavioral EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Welligent Behavioral EHR Software Pricing

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Welligent Behavioral EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews


Amazing customer service. Worth it!

May 2022


Jewish Family Service Of The Desert

It has pretty awesome features which we learned through their human resource. Customer service is extremely helpful in training. Their updates always improve navigation through files which saves up time.
Report Analysis is slightly difficult to follow up at first but works well when you get the hang of it.

Comfortable to use!

April 2022


Parisi House on the Hill, Inc.

Training has been really helpful for us to make it comfortable to use. Really satisfied with the customer service. The new update is amazing. Overall an impressive experience.
Sometimes, it gets a bit difficult to figure out the steps.

Up to my expectations

March 2022


Pinebrook Family Answers

Its functionality and customer service are very Remarkable. it is comprehensive and covers a lot of our clinical needs. I would definitely recommend this software to everyone.
Elaborated training is needed to get a hang of it.

It gets the job done.

March 2021



Our experience has been amazing and positive while making a transition to this software. Integration of system has also been very smooth. I really like the responsive interface.
We struggle with on-time response from the customer support.

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Call us at

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