Wellsoft EDIS Software

What Is Wellsoft? 


Wellsoft EDIS (emergency department information systems), acquired by Medsphere Systems Corporation, is a Health IT solution that complies with Meaningful Use and CCD/C-CDA standards. It operates on-premise to meet the specific needs of healthcare facilities. 

Wellsoft EMR has been designed to automate Emergency Departments and Freestanding Emergency Centers processes to enhance patient care. Wellsoft offers multiple features, including patient tracking, scheduling, medication management, clinical documentation, image capture, results reporting, and discharge planning. 

What Is Wellsoft Best For? 

Wellsoft offers a user-friendly and customizable platform that helps streamline patient care, minimize errors, and enhance outcomes. By adapting to a hospital's specific workflow and requirements, clinical personnel can provide exceptional care. 

Moreover, the real-time tracking and reporting features of Wellsoft empower healthcare providers to identify potential improvements and optimize hospital operations. With Wellsoft EMR, healthcare organizations can move beyond paper-based systems and embrace a digital solution. 

Wellsoft Pricing 

Wellsoft pricing starts at $25 as a one-time payment option.  

For more information and custom plans, click the Get Pricing button above. One of our sales support representatives will help you choose a suitable plan according to your budget. 

Wellsoft Integrations 

Wellsoft conforms to HL7 standards and integrates with hospital information systems, laboratory systems, and radiology solutions that are compatible with emergency departments. 

How Does Wellsoft Work? 

Here are the steps to get started with Wellsoft EHR

  • Choose the most feasible licensing option 
  • Install the software and sign up 
  • Configure it for your specific practice 
  • Import all patient data 
  • Customize pre-made templates to fit your practice's unique needs 
  • Start using Wellsoft EHR for daily tasks 
  • Train your staff on using the software 
  • Monitor performance regularly 

If you still need more assistance, schedule a free demo of the software by clicking the Watch Demo button above. 

Who Is Wellsoft For? 

Wellsoft is suitable for Emergency department patient care. Wellsoft EMR also caters to the following departments: 

  • Urgent care centers 
  • Clinics 
  • Administration  
  • IT Professionals 

Wellsoft software has been implemented in diverse healthcare establishments, spanning from small critical access hospitals in rural areas to community hospitals and large multi-location enterprise health systems. It can also be utilized in micro-hospitals and Freestanding Emergency Centers (FECs). 

Wellsoft Features 

  • Clinical Documentation 
    The software offers comprehensive clinical documentation tools that help document patient encounters accurately. It includes features such as customizable templates, structured notes, and automated coding, which reduce documentation time.  
    Real-time documentation also lets clinicians update patient records simultaneously as they complete assessments, treatments, and procedures. 
  • Patient Tracking 
    With Wellsoft, clinicians can track patient progress from triage through discharge, including any changes in their condition, care plans, and medication orders. The system provides a real-time view of all patients in the emergency department and their status, enabling clinicians to quickly prioritize patients who need urgent attention. 
  • Risk Management 
    Wellsoft EMR offers various features that help improve risk management in the emergency department. It includes real-time alerts and notifications to identify potential risks, such as allergies, drug interactions, and critical lab results.  
    The system tracks adverse incidents, enabling clinicians to quickly identify potential safety concerns and implement appropriate corrective actions. 
  • Discharge Planning 
    Wellsoft software includes discharge planning tools that help clinicians develop and document comprehensive discharge plans for patients. The system supports the creation of customized discharge instructions, medication lists, and follow-up appointment scheduling.  
    It also includes patient education materials to help them better understand their condition and treatment options. 
  • Medication Management 
    Wellsoft offers various medication management features, such as medication reconciliation, which helps clinicians ensure that patients receive the correct medications and dosages. 
  • Reporting 
    Wellsoft employs robust data analytics and an executive dashboard to deliver valuable insights to hospital personnel and executives. It automatically captures and time-stamps thousands of data points. Wellsoft stores critical information related to emergency department operations, quality, and risk management, which can be utilized for reporting purposes. 

Is Wellsoft Right For You? 

Wellsoft EHR is an electronic health records (EHR) software that provides a comprehensive solution for healthcare practitioners to manage patient records, prescriptions, laboratory results, and more.  

If you work in emergency or acute care, Wellsoft EDIS EHR might be worth trying. The software increases efficiency and provides value-based patient care. With its fast, user-friendly, and scalable features, Wellsoft could be a reliable choice for medical facilities. If you are still unsure, click the Watch Demo button to get a teaser of the tool's functionalities. 

Wellsoft Pricing 

The software pricing starts at $25 as a one-time payment option.  

For more information and custom plans, click the Get Pricing button above. 

Wellsoft EDIS Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Wellsoft EDIS Software cost?

The software pricing starts at $25 as a one-time payment option. For more information and custom plans, click the Get Pricing button above.

Is Wellsoft Software cloud-based?

No, Wellsoft is not cloud-based.

What are the main features of Wellsoft EDIS Software?

Wellsoft offers several features, including patient tracking, scheduling, medication management, clinical documentation, image capture, results reporting, and discharge planning.

What level of support does Wellsoft Software have?

The software offers the following level of support: live chat, phone, fax, and e-mail.

Who are the main users of Wellsoft EDIS Software Software?

Wellsoft is suitable for Emergency department patient care or acute care.

Wellsoft EDIS Software Pricing

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Wellsoft EDIS Software reviews

Overall Rating

1 Reviews


Efficient tool for Emergency Department!

January 2023


Cynthia McQuade LCSW LLC

Time-saving and efficiency are two distinct feature of this software. Helps a lot in emergency. dashboards and patient tracking are color-coded which makes the workflow quite smooth. Recommended.
Minor details like attaching documents to patients profile can be improved.

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