ZOLL emsCharts Software

Zoll is an intuitive charting solution for emergency medical services. This cloud-based solution helps practitioners collect information by importing health, insurance, and reporting data. The ZOLL ems Chart is known for compliance management, real-time data insights, and mobile access. The vendor even provides an ROI calculator to let practices in on their profitability rate. It encourages them to grow by practicing the best clinical processes.  

It works for destination hospitals, third-party billing providers, and state offices with life-saving interventions and a well-structured framework. The vendor nurtures quality patient outcomes and mitigates the operational inefficiencies to span the continuum of care. It integrates the entire healthcare ecosystem to up the level of care services provided with endless interoperability. And smooth communication between the healthcare professionals.  

ZOLL emsCharts Software


This solution helps import CAD files and EKD data to prepopulate, manage, and prioritize fields. It enables crews to deal with time-consuming data within minutes. In doing so, ZOLL emsCharts software helps practices deliver more quality care filling ePCR with accurate patient information. The ePCR service also helps create bills and assures optimal care quality with care exchange products.

Revenue Optimization

Zoll emscharts software shrinks the days spent on AR to boost the revenue of hospitals. The software identifies self-pay patients before they step into the examination rooms. Besides that,  Zoll emscharts expedited the pre-billing process, ensuring no payment is left unprocessed. It even presents high-deductible conversions using actionable data to increase revenue collection by almost 12%.  

ZOLL Care Exchange

The software knows that the Fire, EMS, and ePCR vendors are dependent on timely and accurate information. Thus ZOLL emsCharts software features a care data exchange module. Backed by HL7 integration, this solution transforms collaboration between EMR partners. Advanced communication coupled with aggregated patient data enables clinicians to make informed decisions.  

ZOLL emsCharts Pricing

The pricing details are not provided by ZOLL emsCharts software. However, one can contact the vendor to learn how much it costs.  


A demo with ZOLL emscharts software is all one needs to get to know its fine details. In addition, scheduling a demo makes it easier to determine what the software provides for streamlining the clinical workflow.  


The reviews listed by the users of emscharts ZOLL do quite a number of capturing the reader’s attention. Clinicians praise how this platform improves reimbursements and reduces patient waiting time. They also reveal that emscharts ZOLL features best-in-class integrations to simplify clinical operations. Its HL7 integration is second to none. To know more, consult the reviews given below.  

Our Thoughts

When it comes to ePCR and EMS vendors, ZOLL ems charts is the first name that comes to mind. It is a well-thought-of solution that improves the productivity level of clinics eliminating the need for manual task processing. This solution runs care reports and attaches the results to the patient charts. Moreover, documenting patient notes and editing patient records is a no-brainer with ZOLL emscharts software.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does ZOLL emsCharts Software offer an API?

No, ZOLL emsCharts Software does not provide its users with an API.

Does ZOLL emsCharts software support mobile devices?

Yes, ZOLL emsCharts Software supports the following mobile devices: iOS and Android.

What languages does ZOLL emsCharts software support?

The following languages are supported by ZOLL emsCharts Software: English.

What level of support does ZOLL emsCharts Software offer?

ZOLL emsCharts Software offers the following levels of assistance: Phone support, email or help desk support, and FAQs or forums.

Who are the typical users of ZOLL emsCharts Software?

The following are typical ZOLL emsCharts Software users: small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises.

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