FunctionFox Software

FunctionFox Time Tracking and Project Management System is a user-friendly web solution for tracking time and expenses, staying on budget, and managing clients and projects. This program, designed for creative professionals, optimizes company operations to increase productivity and profitability, providing creative professionals with a better approach to managing time tracking and project management activities.

FunctionFox is a cloud-based platform that is accessible anywhere and at any time. It includes valuable features like timesheets, estimation formulas, task scheduling, daily assignments, and reporting. They facilitate smooth progress and provide tools to cater to multiple projects and clients. For example, you can send bills and reports to stakeholders seamlessly. It also facilitates time management for creative teams working in advertising, marketing, graphic design, multimedia content, and public relations.

Highlighted Features of FunctionFox Software

FunctionFox software creates simple, intuitive, and powerful products, making time tracking easy, administrative processes quick and painless, and workflow a breeze. Here are some significant features to help you understand how FunctionFox works.

Time Tracking and Expense Management

FunctionFox is very easy to set up for a new user, and it is incredibly user-friendly. In addition, it can help teams keep track of everyone regarding the time and resources they are spending on the project. It generates real-time reports and provides instant updates to the users. You can explore this feature in detail during the FunctionFox demo.

Budget Estimation

There is no longer a need for any project to go over budget with FunctionFox. It provides instant access to the status of all resources and allows managers to predict how much they will be spending on every task. According to FunctionFox reviews, users love this feature! In addition, users can avoid problems despite the pricing method for a particular client.

Quick Reporting

FunctionFox provides a detailed analysis of a project, beginning from inception. It has powerful templates and charts to help users visualize the information. There are interactive charts that you can customize according to the situation. The desktop solution makes it easy to drag and drop items onto the screen. According to users, this feature is worth the FunctionFox pricing

Enhanced Communication

In a busy creative shop, managing the countless details of each project while keeping them all on track, on budget, and schedule is challenging for any firm. Miscommunications are all too common, things fall between the gaps, and actual fees and expenditures surpass expectations.

The team communication tools in FunctionFox ensure that everyone on each project has the details they need to fulfill their task. Budgets, estimations, and the present state of all projects are accessible at a glance, as is information regarding clients, projects, and people.


  • Since secure cloud servers support the solution, there is no download, installation, or systems limited to office computers.
  • The tool supports unlimited projects and allows users to customize each account and task preferences.
  • FunctionFox is flexible and can change to meet the specific requirements of each company’s workflow.
  • Users can track spending for each project and create estimates, quotes, or budgets with a button.
  • There are options to add tasks or create to-do lists through which it is possible to automate email alerts and run reports.
  • The analytics tool extends to personnel, expenses, estimates, and many more features. For example, there is a stopwatch on the FunctionFox dashboard that can track the billable hours for every employee.
  • The software is available in the form of a mobile application for Android and iOS devices.

FunctionFox Pricing

It offers many subscription options based on the specific needs of a business. There is a free version that provides limited support for three active users and only hosts two active projects at a time. The Classic package starts at $5 per user every month and includes time tracking features.

There are Premier and In-House plans for much larger firms. Interested buyers can request a free trial and even ask vendors to provide a detailed demonstration. For more details, click “Get Pricing” on this page.

FunctionFox Support

The service provided by FunctionFox is unrivaled in the industry. The account managers are well-versed in the product and can quickly answer queries and resolve any issues. When you contact them, a natural person with actual expertise will react.

FunctionFox Reviews

FunctionFox reviews allow you to evaluate the software from current users’ perspectives. Below is a summary of the pros and cons that can help you analyze the software further.


  • It is a unique project management software with many data collection options.
  • FunctionFox can extract data from different sources and use it to create interactive reports.
  • The user guides and tutorials included in the package are comprehensive and help understand the features better.
  • The setup is also straightforward, and users can get started right away.
  • Users find it easy to pull up reports or timesheets for any project.
  • The cloud-based system is accessible while on the go.


  • The interface is outdated, and it is challenging to find the right option when needed.
  • It does not integrate with legacy systems, and enterprises face many challenges when switching between platforms.
  • The dashboard does not show complete information, and half the screen is not visible.

Final Thoughts About FunctionFox Software

FunctionFox, explicitly designed for small enterprises, offers a simple time tracking application and a more advanced, full-featured project management program. The software generates numerous reports for managers and stakeholders on all project activities, clients, tasks, and staff. You can also use the application to compare financial data, such as estimates and actual expenses, and examine a chronology, productivity, and budget overview.

You can learn more about the software by scheduling a FunctionFox demo. The demo will enable you to dig deeper into the software's features and analyze whether it fulfills your requirements or not. You can navigate various features in real-time and explore the software compared to just reading about it. According to FunctionFox reviews, the demo is essential as it impacts your final decision. For a FunctionFox demo, click on “Watch Demo.”

FunctionFox Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does FunctionFox offer an API?

No, FunctionFox does not have an API available.

Does FunctionFox support mobile devices?

FunctionFox supports the following devices:

Android, iPad, iPhone

What languages does FunctionFox support?

FunctionFox supports the English language.

What level of support does FunctionFox offer?

FunctionFox offers support through Email/Help Desk, Phone Support, Knowledge Base, Chat, FAQs/Forum

What type of pricing plans does FunctionFox offer?

FunctionFox pricing starts at $5.00/month.

Who are the typical users of FunctionFox?

FunctionFox assists Freelancers, Mid Size Businesses, Non-Profit and Small Businesses.

FunctionFox Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

FunctionFox Software reviews

Overall Rating

51 Reviews


I absolutely love the Time Fox and Function Fox features

November 2022

James D. Nevil

Marketing Manager

The customer support service is very helpful. They are extremely responsive and always have all the answers to my queries. They helped us to solve many problems that we've had, and they behaved in a very friendly manner when we asked too many questions. It is easy to use, allows us to be very well organized, and keeps us up to date with billing and on track with projects. The simplicity of use and the software interface make it very attractive and intuitive.
I can't really think of a single one. We literally had no issues, no downtime, or other problems. There are many nice features that we haven’t tried out yet. Maybe we’ll expand our use of those features, and perhaps then there might be some shortcomings that come forth, but at the moment, nothing to report in the cons section. The only thing left to say is "keep it up", and also do offer just a little better pricing packages for companies who classify as startups.

FunctionFox: My first choice for optimal resource allocation.

October 2022

Edwin G.

Marketing and Advertising

We just need to enter the time data of our projects and let the FunctionFox deal with the rest. It does almost everything automatically and just requires the least bit of input from your end. I can divide the time and allocate resources at will which is by far the greatest thing it can do. When you forget to record a time for a routine workday, the software reminds you before the day ends which is very helpful. It just needs to be set-up carefully and after that, everything will function as you'd expect.
Its UI is not as intuitive as other software out there. Most of the data it displays is aligned at the bottom edge of the screen which is annoying especially if you have a larger screen like I do. It confuses new users since all the crucial information is usually displayed on the top in literally every other software. If they offered better integrations with other marketing tools like billing and sales management, it would save me a lot of manual labor.

Using FunctionFox for over a decade.

October 2022

Bonney K.

Marketing and advertising

Managing 30+ employees and tens of their projects all at the same time is no easy feat. FunctionFox has been helping me for the past 10 years, and I have seen firsthand the improvements it has made to our workflow. The team has never been this organized and reliable. They actually enjoy the light accountability I have over them and strive to outperform their previous performances in order to receive incentives and benefits, etc. There are a lot of reporting formats ready to be generated at a moment's notice. And our meetings have been more productive since everyone knows what's going on, so we don't have to waste our time on that.
Our firm deals with both digital and print media, and each of them requires frequent purchases. This is an area that I think FunctionFox has failed to capture since there's no assistance in creating purchase orders. I would have loved it if an employee could submit a request and I could approve it right away. And it also doesn't let you upload multiple files at one time. which is the most frustrating issue with the software, in my opinion.

A quintessential piece of code.

October 2022

James Velasquez.

Information Technology and Services

It puts basically no limits on you in any way imaginable. I have created hundreds of clients and projects without worrying if the space will run out or something with a similar name already exists. FunctionFox seamlessly divides your projects into individual assignments, which not only speeds up the project's pace but also improves employee involvement. Someone who is more experienced in a certain task would be more efficient doing that part first than handling the entire project altogether. It has a robust mobile app, which further enhances its reliability.
There's no complaint to begin with. The software works as expected, and we mostly use it for time tracking, which is more than perfect. However, there are many other features that would be great to have as an option but that we do not currently use. So, it would be great if they offered a way to filter out the features to just keep the ones you use the most at the front. This would make the software appear more organized than it is.

Absolutely amazing when it comes to time tracking. Sadly, I can't say the same about billing.

October 2022

Carter F.

Marketing and advertising

FunctionFox is great at helping you divide your tasks into smaller subtasks so that you can share the responsibilities and quicken response times. We have achieved a greater level of transparency thanks to this feature. It has so many features working together to offer a complete and accurate time tracking solution. We can create as many accounts as we need for every project we are working on, which makes managing them a lot easier. It is by far my favorite time-tracking software to use in the marketing industry.
It is the greatest software I have used, but sadly, I am forced to move on from it since it has been unable to interface with our billing software. I would have loved to have a workaround so that I could use my billing software, albeit not perfectly but still to some useful extent. There are many other task management programs that do billing just as well without charging us extra. And if not, they all at least offer smooth integrations to deal with your third-party apps.

Amazing software with a great team!

October 2022


Summit AEC

I like that the system is easy to understand and operate. I also appreciate the email reminders on days when you haven't logged in any time. Once everything is set up, it appears to operate regularly.
For most new users, the user interface is confusing.


September 2022


Hummingbird Ideas

Hands down, the best time-tracking and project management software I've ever used.

Assure security

September 2022



The data is all safe and secure from all internal and external threats.
Too many small screens causes difficulty in comprehending information.

Average performance

August 2022


Suburbia Studios

I like that the customer support personnel has always been quick to respond and helpful in answering any problems.
The software appeared to be a touch excessive. Many of the accessible functions felt unnecessary and clogged up the area.

Amazing solution

August 2022


Marketing and Advertising

Function Fox makes it easier for you to be compensated for your work. It's user-friendly and gets the job done. Project Management has become a breeze ever since we've started using FunctionFox.
I believe Function Fox's billing system should be a little more flexible.

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