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iChartsMD EMR Software is an ONC-ATCB certified cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) system developed by IT experts and physicians with extensive experience in technology and medicine. The software is available both as a standalone system or as a part of an integrated suite that includes e-prescribing, billing, appointment scheduling capabilities. Using iChartsMD EMR Software, clinicians can streamline their day-to-day operations. Key features of the software include custom templates, e-prescribing, lab integration, auto-generated SOAP Notes. It can be accessed via mobile phone, tablets, and PCs.

The platform caters to multiple medical specialties, mainly small to midsized medical practices, urgent care centers, and surgery centers. Users can get a complete overview of the solution by requesting an iCharts EMR Software Demo. On top of this, its medical billing system enables practices to create, track, and submit claims using the Billing Dashboard. This easy to use billing system also automates accounts receivable process, including insurance verification, claim reimbursement, reporting, electronic remittance posting, and patient statement processing. As per iCharts EMR Software Reviews, the software can fully integrate into iChartsMD medical billing and practice management solutions.

Practices can also create their own customized exam charts by selecting the pre-built templates included in the system. iCharts EMR Software Tutorial enables users to follow along and understand the product. Moreover, their design team works collaboratively with the practice staff to develop and EMR using the medical forms being used by the practice.

iCharts EMR Software Pricing: Pricing is not shared openly by the vendor. You can request a quote by clicking on the ‘get pricing’ button.

iCharts EMR Software Support: It offers online support.

iCharts EMR Software Pros: The software offers an intuitive user interface.

iCharts EMR Software Cons: Their support team gives delayed responses.

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