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Juno EHR is an open-source electronic health records (EHR) solution for the healthcare industry. It offers a cloud-based interface that is accessible while on the go. The solution meets the needs of both doctors and other healthcare workers. 

Juno EMR has a visual interface with tools like lab and imaging results, prescriptions, preventive care, and consultations that can be categorized. In addition, there are templates for documenting visits with patients and a patient's history. There is also automated lab reporting that you can link to a patient's chart. This lets providers see prescriptions and look at patient records. Also, built-in drug interaction tables let users know if they take any medicines that could cause problems. 

Juno Software Key Features 

Easy Configuration 

Juno EHR can be set up in three easy steps instead of twenty or more steps with traditional EHR providers, which require IT departments or outside vendors. The Clinical Content Builder feature makes it easy to make workflows that you can change to fit any need. It has 16 templates with flexible screen layouts that can capture all data. 

Chronic Care Management 

The Juno EHR solutions connect providers with patients who have long-term illnesses in real time and on any device. It has a wide range of cellular-enabled monitors and smartphone apps that can create a diagnostic feedback loop that works 24/7 and makes it easier for patients to get care.  

With built-in tools that help make decisions based on well-known clinical guidelines, treatment options are made easier to understand. Moreover, any changes in care are shared virtually. This makes it easier for both the provider and the patient to do their jobs. 

Juno EMR Support 

The Customer Success team at Juno software works with facilities to figure out the system's needs from the start. EHRs are only as good as the people who use them. Because of this, Juno EHR puts people first. After carefully planned implementations, training and support are given in a friendly way. The Juno EMR support team helps you get started and ensures you have everything you need to keep going. 

Juno Pricing  

JunoEMR charges each provider a monthly fee to use its services. The pricing starts at $249 monthly for a single provider and $99 monthly for each additional provider. 

Software Demo 

Juno EHR solutions come with a free demo that lets you try out the software in a real-world setting. A demo is an excellent approach for potential buyers to test the product before purchasing it. In addition, you can navigate the software and analyze each feature in-depth throughout the demo. 


Most of the reviews are full of praise for the Juno EMR services. The users say that they like how the software digitizes everything and reduces the amount of work done manually. If there are any technical problems, the customer service team is also there to help. You can read about the pros and cons of Juno software below. 

Our Thoughts 

Juno EHR was carefully made with doctors and other providers in mind. It rethinks what is possible to improve the health of patients. As a result, Juno EHR solutions are changing modern healthcare technology by making it more seamless for providers and less of a journey for patients. 

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