Lightning Bolt Software

Lightning Bolt is a cloud-based physician scheduling software that works by the process of combinatorial optimization. It works on user-defined rules and automatically schedules physician shifts. It is used by healthcare service providers of different sizes. This SAAS request management tool offers different healthcare solutions. Lightning Bolt software offers a centralized location to manage everything on a granular level. It easily aids schedule change requests. 

Lightning Bolt Scheduling has a self-service portal for physicians. They can exchange shifts with each other by facility scheduling features. This tool allows you to send HIPAA Compliant secure messages. Admins can control every base-level conflict, request, change, and cancellation through a centralized management dashboard. Lightning Bolt is available for IOS and web-based devices. 

Lightning Bolt Software Key Features

Rule Based Scheduling 

Lightning Bolt Physicians can use this practice management tool to improve the practice experience. The staff management and staff scheduling features allow admins to maintain minimal staffing, coordinate CRNAs, and fill 24/7/365 staffing needs. You can manage cyclic patient volumes and minimize hand-offs with software. It offers end-to-end user solutions. It ensures the availability of sub-specialists and specialists across multiple locations. 

Standard Provider Scheduling 

It provides a streamlined initiative to less complex departments. You can use Campaign Management features to secure physician-client trust. On-call Scheduling provides an easy alternative to complicated scheduling tasks. The software offers Reporting & Statistics Tools to analyze scheduling success and improvements. It provides completely Customizable Schedules to maintain a proper workflow.  

Complete Patient Access 

Appointment Management becomes 90% easier with Lightning Bolt software. Client Management features facilitate complete patient satisfaction. The Drag & Drop and Electronic Signature tools provide secure appointments and cancellations. Physician Scheduling Software provides Patient Flow Management and Patient Monitoring. It equalizes night shifts so that the patients get prime treatment all year round.  

Lightning Bolt Software Pricing 

Lightning Bolt pricing for its monthly subscription is not available.  

Software Demo 

No free trial is provided by Software. The free version of this tool is not available. You can request a free demo of the software from the Lightning Bolt Official page.  


You can find many happy users of Lightning Bolt scheduling around the web. Physicians give this software a high rating and leave many positive reviews. It has distinct features like Drag & Drop, On Call Scheduling, Physician Scheduling, and Staff Scheduling which makes shift management effortless. You can find more positive reviews about software in our Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts

Software physician schedule software provides services for Academic medicine, Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, Hospital Medicine, OB-GYN, Radiology, and other categories. It has real-time calendars for shift tracking. Physicians have mobile access to messaging and chat. You can easily track data analytics and export data with LightningBolt. This Medical Practice Management Software automatically finds the best software for you, making it a tool worth investing in. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get help if I have questions about the software?

Yes, you can get help from our support team if you have any questions about the software.

Can I transfer my current information from another software to Lightning Bolt?

Yes! If you use different scheduling software, you can easily transfer your information by quickly importing a spreadsheet of your past schedules.

How do you share a calendar with Lightning Bolts?

Send a calendar subscription link to your email address using the Sync with Calendar or Mobile Calendar button on the Dashboard. Open the email from Lightning Bolt Scheduler with the subject "Calendar Subscription Notice." Copy the.ics file link from under the "Calendar for Google Calendar" section of the email. Navigate to Google Calendar (web application). To the right of the Add calendar field, click the three-dot settings button. From the drop-down menu, select from URL. Paste the copied.ics link into the field "URL" of the calendar. Leave the option to make the calendar publicly accessible unchecked. Click "Add Calendar." The calendar will appear in the other calendars section of the calendar list.

What is Lightning Bolt Salesforce?

Lightning Bolts on Salesforce are industry solution templates built by an ecosystem of partners to help you get to market faster.

What is Lightning Bolt software?

Lightning Bolt is a cloud-based scheduling solution for hospitals and healthcare practices of all sizes that helps them schedule physician shifts.

Lightning Bolt Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Lightning Bolt Software reviews

Overall Rating

1 Reviews


Been extremely effective from the get-go

October 2022

John A. Hartford

Health Care System

Before settling on Lightning Bolt, we used some premium spreadsheets and another scheduling application. It was the best decision we made that led to the schedule we now have. Lightning Bolt has a great user interface, is easy to learn, and has a competent staff behind it.
The Lightning Bolt's high cost is its only real drawback. It is costly, but well worth the investment. In addition to being patient throughout the implementation phase, training takes too long.

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Call us at

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