MarketMuse maximizes the worth of online content for marketers, content creators, marketing agencies, publishers, and e-commerce companies via enterprise content planning. The software uses algorithms to scan the online content of businesses and then compare it with the competitor’s content to improve its quality. The online Content Marketing system proposes Audience Targeting, Campaign Management, SEO Management through a single platform.

The platform identifies the gaps and discrepancies in online material and suggests changes to make the quality of the content better. It makes the content more detailed for search engine optimization. This solution cuts the time of a user for research and edits automatically by collecting and editing the data.

Price: MarketMuse pricing starts at $1500 per month.

Benefits:  The software provides detailed information about the required keywords or subjects but is also related to keywords and competition levels. It also helps to optimize the written content. The tool is also helpful in the training of content writing and making useful for a web platform. It is easy to use and scores are accessible for upper management.

USP: MarketMuse insight tool ensures accurate and efficient stats which are helpful in improving content creation and optimization.

Limitations: It is expensive for small businesses.

Pricing: Price is not available publicly, it depends on the requirements.

Support: Support is available by contacting the vendor.

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Call us at

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