MatrixCare by MDI Achieve is a cloud-based electronic medical recording software designed to cater to the needs of nursing homes, home care, and senior citizen facilities. Key features include time tracker, claims management, and meal tracker. The software's meal tracker assists users registered in the nutrition management program to track their nutrition intake simply by providing diet guidelines such as order of food consumption, needs and preferences, and basic diet information. This helps them to design a menu that manages their daily consumption of food. Their integrated marketing module offers multiple marketing functionalities to generate reports, track leads, and manage referrals. Besides, the solution's resident and clinical management features help practices to create tasks for caregivers, record different residential injuries and incidents and streamline the service plans.

The platform facilitates operational and financial tasks through budgeting tools to display budgets versus real-time expense and revenue data, which helps users to quickly analyze the situation. MatrixCare offers an all-in-one suite of solutions featuring electronic medical records (EMR), population health management, and patient portal backed by multiple medical billing services to make this platform the best "value for money" EMR software for medical service providers working in the long-term industry.   

MatrixCare offers a broad range of care settings outside the hospital. It utilizes the power of exceptional technology to elevate the quality of care, increase efficiency, and empower users to live well. The software recently earned 2019 Best in KLAS Award for Long-Term Care Software - the only vendor to win this category’s “Best in KLAS” award three years in a row.

Price: The pricing plan for MatrixCare starts at $35.00 per month, per user. Users can contact the vendor for additional details, and ask for a quote.

Free Trial: It offers a free trial. There is no free version of this software.

Support: MatrixCare offers support via phone and 24/7 live support.

USP: The software is presently the high LTPAC technology provider and the first one to provide a truly complete spectrum solution.

Product Advantages: It allows a long-term care enterprise to automate the clinical, business, and resident sides of the operation. The software is flexible in types of reports users want to run. It offers great customer support. It can be accessed anywhere, anytime as long as a user has an internet connection. 

Product Limitations: Users have to buy additional features for rate increases. Some areas of the software require an update to improve communication with employees and physicians through their internal messaging system.

MatrixCare EMR Software

MatrixCare EMR Software reviews

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2 Reviews




51-200 employees

September 2020

Great software!

It took me one night to understand this software, it's absolutely great. Love the features!

The customer support needs a little work and lacks some features.


Health Concepts

501-1,000 employees

September 2020

The solution we needed.

For our particular organization, this software is perfect.

It lacks a little bit when it comes to the communication department and slight improvements will make it perfect.

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