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Medgen is a fully customizable web-based EHR platform that helps businesses to improve financial, administrative, and clinical practices. This cloud-based software helps with medical billing through e-prescriptions, online invoices, and reconciling payments. You can personalize the client portal to increase patient engagement. Medgen software helps you increase your productivity level by reporting, charting, scheduling, and revenue building. 

Medgen EHR has HIPAA compliance, and you can manage waitlists, book appointments, track progress, perform billing, and manage EMRs with complete security. You can track referrals, obtain growth chart insights, and track reports with the patient portal. It helps you increase patient communication and engagement with patient management portals and centralized dashboards. It boosts your cash flow and maximizes your reimbursements.  

Medgen Software Key Features 

24/7 Patient Engagement 

Medgen EMR streamlines your workflow by reducing waiting time. Patients can use the self-service 24/7 web portal. The portal provides alerts, updates, and real-time messaging to the patients. EHR Patient Portal is user-friendly and improves patient-provider communication. Specialized patient forms can reduce waiting times. 

Patient Charting & Tracking 

You can fully personalize the patient portals and update previous data from existing systems. Medgen healthcare helps you get timely lab reports through automated patient charting features like HIE interfaces. You can resource schedules for surgical procedures with timely reminders. Medgen EHR portal provides customizable templates for OB-GYN healthcare providers. 

Appointment Scheduling 

It allows you to appoint, track, report, register, and scan patient IDs without delay. MedgenEHR helps you perform claim management and follow-ups. Users can follow referrals and document all visits on a single platform.  

Billing & Revenue Collection 

Medgen EMR is ONC-ATCB Certified. HIPAA and ONC-2015 compliance with tracking modules enable you to perform e-billing with safety. You can get in-depth financial reports and manage superbills. It helps you create e-prescriptions through the patient portal. Patients can pay e-bills by reconciling and securing credit card payments. You can request refills from linked pharmacies. 

Medgen Pricing 

The software provides four exclusive payment plans: 

Premium EHR: $300 per month  

Premium EHR & Billing: $350 per month  

OB/GYN EHR: $350 per month  

OB/GYN EHR & Billing: $400 per month 

Software Demo 

You can get a startup demo for Medgen healthcare. No free trials are available for this application yet. They do not have initial free versions. Users can get online training and technical support from software. 


You can find many happy Medgen EHR reviews on different websites. Users love the multi-functional, 24/7, approachable user interface. They can find reports with LAB & HIE integration and track EHR with ease. Don’t forget to read more reviews in our Review Section. 

Our Thoughts 

MedgenEHR Software is a cloud-based, 24/7 web portal with HIPAA and ONC-2015 compliance for safety. You can save practice time with specialty templates, automated patient intake, and self-service patient cycles. The compliance tracking, revenue-generating, patient charting, and patient scheduling tools with alerts make it software worth investing in your clinical practice. 

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