MedSym is a certified practice management solution that helps the oncology specialty professionals and other niche-specific practices with their complex billing and patient scheduling. The software is built on and suported by Microsoft OS and works with a Microsoft SQL database for patient data storage. MedSymPM offers a scalable suite which intends to cater practices of all sizes from solo to physician groups and has the capacity to grow with the practice and accommodate increasing number of patients without its efficiency being affected in the slightest.

MedSymPM is built on MedSym’s experience with commercial payors, with additional features such as EDI and edits. It provides practices with consistent high-quality support for better integration with pre-existing hardware, electronic devices, and network systems.

Key offerings include appointment scheduling, charting and reporting, practice management, billing system, laboratory information system (RIS) modules, integration with labs, images, inventory management and e-prescribing services. Features such as claims processing, account receivables, eligibility checks, automated alerts and notifications are also offered.

Pricing: Pricing details are provided upon quote only

USP: Oncology-specific workflows. Seamless integration with all of MedSym’s services and a number of third-party apps.

Support: Customer support is provided via phone and email.

Product Advantages: Quick and easy documentation. Diagnostic and patient symptoms management is well-rounded.

Product Limitations: Not intuitive. Does not save messages after sending. Cannot switch between windows/tabs which can be frustrating especially on a busy day. Scheduling format needs improvements.


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