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myAvatar EHR is designed for behavioral health and addiction treatment providers who deliver treatments in community-based, residential, and inpatient settings. It gives a recovery-focused product portfolio that combines real-time data and clinical decision support to drive decision-making. In addition, the comprehensive platform improves workflow with user-friendly dashboards and readily available customer information. 

myAvatar EMR’s integrated care model provides features that support positions ranging from front-desk personnel and clinicians to billing administrators and executive management. This improves inpatient and outpatient businesses' operational, clinical, and financial procedures. 

myAvatar Software Key Features


Organizations can exchange health information with thousands of providers using Netsmart myAvatar interoperability and health information exchange (HIE) technology. The technology allows enterprises to communicate HIPAA-compliant details simply and safely. Without further manipulation or data entering, clinical data is directly incorporated into the EHR and made available for use at the point of care as part of provider workflows. 

Data Analytics

To become a truly data-driven organization, monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) is necessary. MyAvatar healthcare data analytics software provides clinical, financial, and operational decision-makers with at-a-glance indicators to assess whether they meet organizational goals and drive regulatory compliance. 

In addition, dynamic dashboards indicate how you're doing about company goals, making it easier to turn data into meaningful insights. 

Revenue Cycle Management

Netsmart provides comprehensive and adaptable healthcare revenue cycle management services and technology solutions to help you cut expenses and increase profits. Whether you require flexible resourcing or complete back-office help, their specialists can evaluate your existing revenue cycle procedures and suggest areas to increase productivity, claims, cash management, and accounts receivable. 

myAvatar Software Cost

Want to know the Netsmart myAvatar software price? Unfortunately, the company doesn’t share the pricing model publicly. To obtain a quote for a monthly subscription, please contact the seller directly.  


This EHR software also provides a free demo to help you determine if the software meets your requirements. The Netsmart myAvatar software demo is a great way to evaluate the software in real time before making a final decision. 


According to users, the myAvatar EMR software is an ideal solution for your mental health practice. It offers robust tools that you can integrate with other healthcare apps. Overall, the users are pretty satisfied with the Netsmart software. 

Our Thoughts

myAvatar EHR is a behavioral health software that provides recovery-focused solutions that combine real-time analytics and clinical decision support to drive value-based care. It offers a complete range of capabilities that support roles ranging from front desk workers and clinicians to billing administrators and executive management. 

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