Net-Results is a comprehensive cloud-based marketing automation software designed to cater to small, midsize and large enterprises. The solution assists businesses to automate their marketing workflows to get qualified leads, target prospective consumers and boost revenue growth. With Net-Results, users can manage their marketing tasks using the key features such as marketing list management, social media management, lead scoring, email builder, sales workflow, dashboards, landing page builder, web form builder, insights and analytics.

The platform provides a fully-featured suite that helps marketing teams uncover their strengths to maximize their business potentials. Net-Results employs the approach of backing its users with industry- leading support at zero additional cost to empower businesses to maintain superior customer relationships. With this software, users can schedule social media posts using its comprehensive set of tools along with scoring prospective leads based on their social media activities.

Pricing: The pricing plan for Net-Results starts at $800.00/month.

USP: The software is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Net-Results also offers mobile apps for iOS.

Support: Net-Results provides support via email and over the phone.

Product Advantages: The platform allows marketers to boost sales through automatically triggered sales reminders among prospective customers.

Product Limitations: The software can be a bit tricky when it comes to some of the advanced features. The users also face some complexities while building campaigns.


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