NextGen EHR Software

NextGen EMR grew from a company founded in 1998 by two doctors with a unified goal – to improve the efficiency of medical office operations. Company founders designed a solution to accommodate physician and staff workflow with easy-to-use, affordable technology that adapts to every facility’s unique workflow and is accessible anywhere.   

NextGen Medical Software is a cloud-based EMR platform (MediTouch) specifically designed for private practices. Next Gen Software is a fully integrated practice management solution that includes specialty-specific content, a claims clearinghouse, and an easy-to-use patient portal. In addition, it works on any tablet, or laptop (Apple or Windows), is touchscreen-enabled, compatible with all browsers, and is HIPAA compliant.  

The System offers MIPS reporting/dashboards, automates insurance eligibility, empowers patients to schedule appointments, request refills, schedule telehealth visits, and connects the care team through direct messaging and referral exchange.  With software, providers can touch, talk, or type encounter notes directly into the clinical documentation.

Key Features of NextGen EMR

Dashboard: The interface on NextGen EMR is clean and minimalist, making navigation much more accessible. Doctors are constantly in a rush, and the developers designed it with that in mind. You can access all the features because there is a centralized screen with large, easy-to-select icons. 

Soon, utilizing the system will be second nature to you, and you'll be flying through like a pro. The goal of the software is to make things easier for users, and the unified dashboard promises to achieve just that. 

Patient Portal: Because of the convenience of use it generates, a patient portal is now required for EMR. In addition, independent hospitals are usually short on employees, and it is often the nurses who are tasked with administrative duties. With NextGen EMR software, you can alleviate some load while simultaneously assisting patients.  

On this platform, patients can view their reports and appointments. They can also download medical papers, fill out electronic forms, and schedule new appointments. In addition, they no longer need to visit the hospital to obtain lab results because you can access them from the hospital's website. The portal is a valuable feature that makes NextGen an excellent pick. 

Interoperability: To allow easy access for all users, medical records should be interoperable. It is critical that the software also provides this to medical practices that already have limited resources. When running a clinic or hospital, you need all the assistance you can get.  

This feature links the program to other healthcare providers and adds you to the network. You can refer patients to specialists and obtain medical records from previous doctors. When you have access to a library of information, identifying ailments and developing the optimal treatment strategy is also quite simple. 

Optimized Appointments: A medical clinic should have a well-organized timetable; else, their facility will not work correctly. The system gives you the tools to optimize your appointments and see more patients in a single day. It also can send patients reminders before their scheduled appointment to ensure that they do not miss them.  

You can also fill open spaces with people on the waiting list. As a result, making an appointment is considerably more straightforward, and there are no last-minute cancellations, which is a significant concern for many doctors. 

Clinical Summaries: Doctors can download the clinical summary with EMR, which saves time reading a full medical report. Also, they can quickly read through the diagnosis and treatment plan to get a complete understanding. The system also has the option for encounter summaries, which summarize what happened during each appointment.  

It helps doctors catch up because they visit so many patients. They can also share these with their colleagues to obtain a second perspective on a particular instance. Overall, the function is intended to assist already overburdened medical professionals. 

Electronic Prescription: The next feature we'll talk about is the e-prescribing tool in EMR, which helps you detect prescription combinations, dosage issues, and patient allergies. Using this EHR, you may make digital prescriptions and send them to your patients' preferred pharmacies. After then, patients can pick it up whenever they like. 

This application also sends out alerts about potential drug interactions. Overall, the e-prescription feature will benefit both you and your patients. 

NextGen EMR Reviews

The software reviews are available on the Software Finder website. You can learn about other people's experiences with the software by reading NextGen reviews. This will help you to verify the credibility.   

The majority of the NextGen EMR users applaud the features mentioned above to be highly convenient and user-friendly. As a result, the reviews are mainly positive. However, few customers have noticed a few issues. Therefore, even though it has an excellent online rating, we must agree that it is not without flaws.  

Concluding Note 

Now more than 124,000 providers across the United States use solutions provided by NextGen Healthcare. So NextGen EHR is a software anyone can rely on. You must have already decided whether or not to use NextGen EMR as your healthcare software at this point. We recommend that you do a few different things before signing any contracts.  

First and foremost, you should write down some of the problems you've been having with managing your practice and the tools to help you solve them. Then you can compare this list to the characteristics that we've listed.  

Another option is to read reviews to see what other people say about it. There will be many reviewers, and some will undoubtedly be from your field of expertise. What they have to say about the Nextgen system will give you a fair picture of how the user feels about it. 

Finally, you can request a demonstration. They bring a working version of the software to show you and let you try it out. It provides you with a sense of how simple it is to use and navigate. For more details, check the NextGen Demo.

NextGen EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

40 Reviews



December 2019



We were formerly using 3 systems for our practice. February 2018, we consolidated every one of the 3 systems and began using just NextGen. This has enabled us to have everything in one program and didn't need to hop around to various systems. We are additionally ready to scan all the records into this program so for comfort alone this has been an enormous efficient device.
The functionality of the claims processing can be a bit confusing, but the support team is great and always helps us out.


November 2019



This has heaps of choices as far as having regions for issue list, meds, hypersensitivities, labs. There is additionally a pleasant rundown tab at the top.
At times it doesn’t seem to be user-friendly as it gets a bit complex when we’re looking for something and are unable to find it.


October 2019


Pabna Medical College

I am a medical practice student using this tool, and for me, this software has helped in many ways and made my day to day tasks easier. The tool is easy to use and can be accessed easily as well. The functions and future diagnostic features are something I really like about this tool as it helps me improve my skills.
There needs to be more resources and information about the future generation health system.


June 2019


Xpress Medical

What I liked about this system is only one thing, the way the sales team defined it and explained what the system was capable of doing and helping us improve our patient care. It sounded great to be honest.
This software is awful, and I would never recommend it to anyone, especially to small practices. Everything about this system is pretty awful. You cannot customize the system and the would always have technical issues that would never be solved for you by the customer support team. We were also never told about 12 training sessions that were 4 months long, and not even about the fact that it will go live after the training sessions. They promise a lot but at the end you’re just a fool who got yourself into what they said. Be wise people, and make wise decisions, do not make the mistake that we made.

It doesn’t seem like a solution.

June 2019


Center for Women's Health

This system has a quite strong reporting tool, as the present reports were customizable. You can easily customize the filters, field selection/order and the sorting as well, which was quite nice.
The customer support seemed really good, but whenever we had an issue that they were unable to resolve or had no solution to they would always ask us to do it manually. “Seriously?! Like what?!”. We had pretty high hopes by the system as they offered OB flowsheets. Claim getting paid got hard whenever the date of service went in wrong. The date issue was something we identified during training and they responded by “Change the dates manually”. Why is it called a solution if it cannot do anything that helps the human, rather create a much more problematic thing. We used it for one and half year, but it’s not really worth the time or effort. It shouldn’t be known as an EMR system if it has more chances of human errors.

Documenting takes forever.

May 2019



The documentation takes forever, but yeah one good thing is that no matter how much it costs your work or anything, at the end it does get the job done for you.
Firstly, I’d like to mention that we wanted to go to the annual user group meeting, but the company didn’t want to sign me up for it without the product identification code, and the local distributor never wanted to share it with me for some reason that I don’t know. The customer support is very poor and not just by the company itself, but also by the local distributor. They do not have trained staff, I literally trained the person that was assigned to train us. They do make a lot of promises to change the healthcare world, but don’t believe them, my experience has been terrible with them. Finally, we stopped using the system after spending hundreds of thousands for group practice for 70+ providers.

It’s a TRAP.

May 2019


Healthcare Billing Solutions of Ohio

I have only one good thing to say about this software and that is about its billing. The billing with this software was easy than many other products.
I really mean it when I say that this software is a TRAP. As I didn’t really like this software that much and I wanted to switch to another EMR system, I asked them to cancel my contract and to that they agreed, but later on I got to knew that I had been charged for another 12 months of the software, which confused me a lot. I inquired about it and they told me that the contract cannot be cancelled. It gets renewed for 12 months. Also, the ERA’s have stopped to work anymore, so I’d recommend everyone to stay away from this product.

Better patient care

May 2019


Hartford Healthcare

This system has a lot of great features to use and to do things in a better way. This software doesn’t require more time documenting, which makes us focus on better patient care. With this system we can spend much more time with our patients rather than documenting things into the system. For any healthcare provider a good EMR is essential and I really appreciate this EMR because with it we are able to provide better healthcare to patients.
There isn’t anything currently that I can think of, but I would want this software to be more popular and used than it current status.


May 2019


Clarity Healthcare

It is a pretty good software, and I do like it. I won’t be talking much about the system as the 5-stars says it all about how I feel about it. Just with a few screens I can pull up patients’ medications, appointments and any other information that I require to have a look at, which seems pretty decent.
I don’t like the switching and going from one screen to another back and forth, it would be better if we could have the practice management and electronic health record’s information that we need all in one screen.

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