NOSH (New Open Source Health) ChartingSystem is an EMR designed for outpatient medical clinics. The software’s primary aim is to help healthcare providers have access to an intuitive, modern and fast electronic health records for an affordable cost. Nosh offers a patient portal, appointment scheduling with appointment reminders, and secure messaging. It provides users with a huge selection of templates, electronic forms, electronic order entry, practice management features, graphing, patient- education document creation alerts, and innovate tagging functions.

NOSH ChartingSystem is built off of quality software components that have been used on the largest, proven, and most trusted internet service providers on the planet, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Adobe. It can be installed on a variety of server systems, however; Linux is recommended because of security and cost of maintenance. The server can be a standalone computer or it can be installed in the cloud. Support is provided via phone (during business hours) and online.

Starting Price: $50/month. 

Free Trial: Yes

USP: Well-designed product with seamless workflows for a low cost.

Technical Specifications: Once installed NOSH EMR can be used by any computer system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) as long as there is an internet connection and a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

NOSH EHR Software

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