NoviSign is a cloud-based software. NoviSign allows businesses to manage and broadcast content on interactive kiosk devices that can be accessed from different locations. NoviSign features digital signature, virtual keyboard, onsite printing and secure browsing. The software is designed for small to midsize businesses.

The platform offers users a content management system that allows them to manage content and custom share a web screen in portions according to their requirements. NoviSign is an ideal solution for businesses that want to get the most out of their marketing and sales campaigns. The solution is an effective tool for internal communications, and can serve the enterprises that want their employees to be aware of best practices and policies.

Benefits: NoviSign’s player application allows enterprises to install the software on remote hardware devices and it can download content from a centralized database. Moreover, the tool allows companies to create reports on user activities and machine health.

USP: The software comes at an affordable price and it is user friendly.

Limitations: It works with chrome efficiently but not much with other browsers.

Support: NoviSign features an Internet of Things (IoT) module, which allows the system to answer to events through sensors. It also provides support via documentation, phone and email.  

Pricing: The most interesting category in pricing is its evaluation version. Evaluation version comes with limited features but it is free to use for month on trial basis. But this version comes with Ads. The other one is business version and price starts from 20$ per month. The third one is a partner version. Users can know about the pricing model by contacting NoviSign.


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